2004-02-26 : 9:17 a.m.
This week has been hell thus far

Current Song: "God Put A Smile On Your Face" -- Coldplay
Current Rant: My stomach is killing me
Current Obsession: procrastination or the overuse of the word "ultimately" in my euro paper.

Ok, so I was prepared to start writing this about an hour ago, but instead I didn't. BUT I am back now. Be happy. Or don't. I really don't care.

This week has been hell thus far. Really for no reason in particular, but it has been hell. Hellish weeks don't make Sarah happy.

Let's see. I wrote about Tuesday already so let me write about Wednesday.

I started yesterday off by waking up at 7:45. I wrote an annotated bibliography for English and then showered and got my stuff ready. I left home at 9:45 and stopped at Wawa and got gas and then got to school at 10:40 found a parking space five minutes later and headed to the Boyer labs to print the bib and my Euro paper out before getting to French at exactly 11:00. French was ok, watched another French In Action. It's sad how well I remember them from Mme. King's class. lol. Ah the memories!

Ok, so yeah. After French, I went to Euro which was oh-so-fun! Actually it wasn't bad, but... gaah. I ran out of ink in my black pen so I switched to my pencil, but didn't like it for constant writing so I changed to the red pen I had which wasn't fun to sketch with. The class took entirely too long thanks to my pen issues. Pen issues make me not happy. After Euro was English which started off with a lecture from Derik b/c we didn't do the assigned reading. My point is, if you first off didn't run the class like we were a bunch of knowledgeless 5 year olds and you didn't assign reading that was done last semester, maybe people would actually care. But no, he doesn't ask me for my opinions. We had stupid forums on our working knowledge of out research topic which as I probably hinted at were completely pointless. After my forcing myself up at 7:45am, he didn't even collect the annoted bibliographies. I could have slept an extra 1/2 hour. Gaaaaahhhh! That class will be the death of me!

So after that hell, I got in my car and moved it up to the dorms and got out my computer, brought it in and plugged it in and then bother Channa cause I was told to, she took a picture of Kat and I because she had to and then we talked about Fluff. I decided I didn't feel like finding out were that conversation was going so I grabbed my stuff and headed to my car and my final destination, Greylyn.

I took 309 N to 276 W to 76 E (for like 19 feet) to 202 S to 252 S to 30 N to Paoli Pike to Sugartown Road to the Phelps School Driveway. Ugh. There you go. I normally take 202 S to 29 S (or W?) but all directions tell me to take 252 so I did and while it's less miles, it takes or at least feels longer. I'm going back to taking 29. I like 29.

I get to Greylyn at 3:30 to find neither Tara or Allison there so I bother Ricky while Steph is trying to groom him. Then I hold Girlfriend for Liz and basically waste muchos of time for 45 minutes. After they all headed into the ring, I spent about 15 minutes talking to Steph's mom (well, I was talking to her when bother Ricky too). We talked about midterms, Gen Eds, and SCOTLAND! 1.5 weeks! ack! Anyway, Tara finally arrives so Hannah and I get Willey and Huggy and tack them up. Barb shows up and Willey get's stood up and Hannah and I head up to top field to get Malibu and Smore. Malibu decides she is going to be a brat so we grab Diamond and head down. We recruited Paige to get Fergie and Hannah gave me Smore and got Sponge Bob and Scooby. I tied Diamond and Smore up and Paige started grooming them so I tacked Fergie up and then Smore while Paige got Diamond. We actually got everything done by like 5 after even though we only started at 20 of. It was quite an accomplishment! I'm very proud of myself. So anyway, Hannah ran to get Willey and I started to get Apache but was recruited by Tara to walk with her up to the outdoor ring so that I did. I got back down and still managed to get Apache before Hannah reappeared (though she had all the tack). Then I ran up top with Steph, tried to get Malibu again and failed. We left with just Bam Bam and Barney. Everything got done for 6pm. I lent Devon my saddle cause I couldn't find another one for her and bc I was suppost to be riding Eclipse too though I ended up on Monet. We cleaned tack and tacked Kenzie up and somewhere around 10 of 7 Steph's mom showed up with hot tea, hot chocolate and coffee, though I only had about 10 mintues to drink a 20oz cup. That wasn't very nice. Oh well. I got on Monet and ended up having a crappy lesson. I admit, I didn't want to be riding, but I was so frustrated with myself. Barb let me ride for an extra 15 minutes or so in the next lesson, but still. It was a bad lesson. Oh well, they happen. Anyway, Monet finished off my peppermint treats and this did include all the dust at the bottom of the bag. She is a little pig sometimes, but ah well, I love her anyway. I cleaned more tack then put away Apache and Willey and then cleaned even more tack and finally around 9:40 when Kenzie got put away I got to leave! yay! I have a lesson this Friday so that should be good too.

Well, that brings me til now. I won't bore you with details on what routes I took back and how I went to sleep when I got back... I have about 25 minutes before speech class. I don't want to go, but I feel far better than I did yesterday. I don't think I mentioned that I felt like crap which made yesterday all the worse or that my stomach was killing me yet again... or that supposedly I'm not a real college student because I haven't failed any classes yet. Of course, my euro paper hasn't been graded and my euro midterm hasn't been taken. Gaaahhhh.

Ok, what else do I need to get at? My stomach still is killing me. I don't know how I'm going to survive today. I also have to go riding at Dee's and I really don't want to. I'm going to see if I can cancel nexts weeks lesson. I really can't afford it and with Spring Break being the next week, it's not really necessary.

Well, I guess that's it. I

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