2005-03-21 : 10:15 p.m.

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Ooooh. The headaches are back. No! I don't think I can go through this all again! They just started when I was driving back from the barn to school. I sort of went blind in my left eye for just a second but it freaked me out. Anyway, I came back here, threw up, and took massive amounts of ibuprofen. I just hope this doesn't last long like the old one.

It's a bad time for the headache too. I have a lot of work, critical essays for lit 2... The bad thing is I read the essays and honestly, they make no sense!! It's like reading a whole lot of words with no meaning. I hate it! I guess I just have to keep reminding myself, just 1 more lit class, just one more lit class. I hate lit!!!

Interesting night at the barn. Was going to ride Ricky at 5 but I got on and he was dead lame. I just walked him a few steps and it was like his back leg was going to just cave in. Not good. Hopped off, told Barb who told me to trot him, though that idea changed after I walked him a couple more steps. Yep, dead lame. Hopefully he'll be back to normal soon. Anyway, I ended up riding Girlfriend at 7 instead. Did some work in between, but oherwise, no to stessful of a night. Girlfriend was easy to catch! That is a miracle! She walked up to me, ears pricked and searched for carrots as I stuck the halter on her. Later, after she got some, she kept searching and chewing on my pockets, looking for more. Man I love that mare. That said, she was a bitch to ride tonight. Started off with some broken crop that just threw me off, then my stirrups were bugging me... Anyway, finally I had a crop that wasn't a piece of crap (well, the handle bent, that does NOT work with a crop) and got my stirrups adjusted. We did ok in the beginning. That was until we did a course. Outside line, vertical, broken line, single x. We did the first parts ok (line, verticle) but then came the broken line. She threw a temper trantrum. There is no other way to describe it. And here I thought we'd get away without having a hissy fit, nope, I was wrong. She ducked out of the first so Barb told me to smack her, I did, she got more pissed, so I smacked her again. She reared, for that, I was to hit her again, she reared more, me beat, she bucked... finally she realized I wasn't coming off, so I circled her back to the jump and she did the broken line PERFECTLY, ears forward and everything. However, the bitchiness didn't stop there. We next had issue with the broken line next time around. She didn't feel like jumping the second part (the verticle), she wanted to do the x right next to it. I tried to pull her to it, but it wasn't working. The bit was just sliding in her mouth. THen she got pissed when she realized that everyone else was standing at the gate, riders off. Anyway, we finally got over the blue and white and called it a night. Man, she can be a bitch, still I love her. It makes me so happy that I can stay on during her temper tantrum, hissy fits. :)

Well, to work, to work.

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