2004-01-29 : 9:07 a.m.
I have that effect on men?

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1. Copy this whole list into your journal.

2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.

3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you. Take note, ALL 100 are about me, the bold ones I have in common with Walbert. you bold what you have in common with me then make up new things about YOU for the rest.

01. I love horses so much that I�m willing to be a slave in the freezing cold for lessons just to be unable to move during the lesson cause I am so damn cold from being outside for hours..

02. I am constantly listening to music

03. I like to read.

04. I am not happy with my life. I try to be but I�m not.

05. I have a strange obsession with Victor Garber.

06. Though I love Michael Vartan.

07. I have some regrets, but I know I can't change the past.

08. I envy Jennifer Garner

09. I in live Pennsylvania.

10. I�m currently drinking Orange Pineapple Juice

11. I like dogs better than cats.

12. I have far too many fears.

13. I have far too many pictures of horses up in my dorm room.

14. I love the color green.

15. I tend to like really obscure music.

16. I enjoy a variety of musical styles.

17. I like to spend a lot of time by myself.

18. I have read A Time For Dancing and The Further You Run so many times that I am ashamed.

19. I want to visit Scotland sometime. march 7th!!

20. I am neither a night nor a morning person.

21. I love Mr. Darcy.

22. I don�t really like meat.

23. I love tea.

24. I have no job. Well, no job that actually pays. Work offs don�t count.

25. I watch far too much tv.

26. I fear the bad is coming.

27. I am falling asleep as I write this.

28. I do not see much of my extended family.

29. I have some OCD tendencies every now and again.

30. I have a long list of books I want to read, and an equally long list of things I wish to write.

31. I don't own enough pillows. Other might beg to differ.

32. I love animals, and, for the most part, they seem to enjoy me.

33. I am very self-concious.

34. I was an adorable child (as far as I can tell).

35. I never encourage bigotry, racism, and those who are mean. However, if I'm in the company of someone I know well enough to know that they're only joking, I don't mind all that much, though I try to avoid engaging in it myself.

36. I am far less wealthy than I need to be.

37. I follow politics now more than I ever did before.

38. I find that hand warmers get very hot. Especially while inside socks.

39. Fleece socks are quite challenging to put on.

40. I have lived on the same planet my whole life.

41. If I have the means to give gifts more than I receive them, I will, gladly.

42. I am a friendly person.

43. I?m rooming with the same family I've been with for 18 years....what?

44. I have many bad habits.

45. I hate it when people are rude to retail clerks and waitresses and vice versa.

46. I have small hands.

47. I have a size 6-7 shoe size (depending on the shoe).

48. I watch far too much Alias, The West Wing, and ER..

49. My computer always works. It had better, since it's brand-freaking-new.

50. I have never been the victim of any kind of crime. knock on wood

51. I love mp3s.

52. I don�t know where I fit in the grand scheme of things.

53. I believe that there are several ways to measure intelligence.

54. I almost always procrastinate.

55. I downloaded many episodes from the 2nd season of the West Wing.

56. I envy J.J. Abrahms� mind.

57. I eat fast food far too often.

58. I feel stupid sometimes.

59. I am ready to murder the people next door for turning up the god damn volume!

60. I am much more neat and tidy when it's not my house.

61. I have no idea what I want to do after college/grad school.

62. I have always strived to do what's right, but it doesn't always happen that way.

63. I am happiest when around horses

64. I want to go to sleep, now.

65. I am bad when it comes to keeping in touch.

66. I daydream daily.

67. I get very easily annoyed with ?stupid? people.

68. I often wish I wasn�t me.

69. I wish I saw more movies.

70. I wish the window was opened and the door was closed.

71. I fear I won�t make it to the end of this.

72. My car heater makes noise.

73. I use aim too much thanks to an amazing internet connection.

74. People bother me.

75. My favorite TV show is Alias.

76. The annoying blurb of IM drives me crazy when I want to sleep.

77. I love my laptop.

78. On any given day, I'll usually wear a matching pair of socks, and when I'm not it bothers me.

79. I don't have a set list for what I want in a mate (but there are some definite qualities I love for).

80. I attach sentimental value to things very easily, though I can forget about that value just as easily if I have a reason to.

81. I have a cell phone.

82. My boobs are natural.

83. I hold grudges more often than I should.

84. I eat breakfast almost every morning.

85. I am a Democrat.

86. I daydream far too often.

87. I wish too much.

88. I have never been spanked by a Senator.

89. I am terrified of paper cuts in the eyes. (Well, now that you mention it...)

90. I have very little patience to speak of.

91. I love romantic comedies.

92. I'm ready for this list thing to be over.

93. I think we pay too much attention to the personal lives of politicians.

94. I have a lot of people I'm friendly with, but few that I consider true friends.

95. I have a lot of secrets.

96. I always appreciate honesty, even if the truth sometimes hurts. I would much rather be hurt than lied to.

97. My eyelids are heavy...

98. I only have one grandparent.

99. I don't have the money to buy things for myself "just because".

100. Oust Bush!

In other news, I tried to post this last night but Dland wouldn't let me in! "updates being done" gaaaahhh. Oh well.

So I rode last night and worked and I have to say I worked better than I rode. I sucked beyond belief, but I just couldn't get balanced. My legs were all over the place and everything. I think they were just dead from freezing to death. At the end, being the evil individual that she is, Barb made us all do around the world, well, she said that everyone was going to do it so that she could see me attempt to do it being that my legs were frozen to death. Thanks Barb. I didn't really accomplish it and got laughed at the entire time by that same individual. Haha. NOT funny.

So I justified being very lazy before my lesson by the fact that I was freezing cold. I'm not sure if others justified it, though Barb did tell me I should go sit in the car with Mike cause he had the heaters blasting (feet ones included). I didn't, though I should have.

In other Mike news, after harassing me for cutting class on Monday, he asked what I was taking. I got the scoop on Public Speaking in the Marine Corps, sounds like fun ::rolls eyes::, then I got called anti-American for taking french. Haha. It was actually incredibly funny. Then I added the Modern European history, haha, "not American history?" "nope, Europe has communism and the czar and a bunch of other psycho people." And then english, but didn't get harassed by that. I should have added that in my mind it was "remedial english" even though it's not. Oh and as I'm getting into my car, Mike yells to me something about enjoying my communist language... it was actually really funny, I just don't remember what exactly his wording was.

LOD nominations:

"Don't expect me ever to set you up with any hot former marine corps." --Mike upon hearing I'm taking French.

"She has that affect on men." --Mike on Just Jack (Mike and Barb's border collie puppy) needing to out the second he saw me.

"Inventions are invented." Dr. Haywood on the fact that there were inventions in the Industrial Revolution, and while he ackknowledges that, he doesn't care what they were because they were inventions that were, yes, invented.

"You all should be so glad I don't know your names or I'd be having a lot more fun." Dr. Haywood on not being able to call randomly on people because he doesn't actually know who they are.

oh and a previous nomination for LOD (jan 14th):

"The feel of the 90s, don't get AIDs." You guessed it, Dr. Haywood.

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