2003-09-11 : 10:27 p.m.
To the 55,776 horses killed in slaughter houses in the US for human consumption last year...

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This just sickens me so much:

To: The President and Members of Congress of the United States

We the undersigned citizens of the United States hereby petition the President & Congress of the United States of America to pass and make into law the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R. 3781)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics show that 55,776 horses were slaughtered last year at three American-based, Belgian-owned slaughterhouses for human consumption abroad. Tens of thousands more were shipped live to Canada for slaughter there.

Most horses arrive at the slaughterhouse via livestock auctions where, often unknown to the seller, they are bought by middlemen working for the slaughter plants. These so-called "killer buyers" travel from one auction to the next collecting young, old, sick and healthy animals until their trucks are full. Some are shipped for more than 24 hours at a time without food, water or rest.

Callous treatment at the slaughterhouse often results in prolonged suffering. Improper use of stunning equipment, designed to render the animal unconscious with a swift shot to the head, means that horses sometimes endure repeated blows, and remain conscious during their own slaughter, including throat slitting.

This bill would prohibit the trade and transport of live horses and horseflesh intended for human consumption. Containing both domestic and international trade provisions, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act will end this atrocious trade for good, not send it over the border or further abroad.

Americans do not eat horses. We do not raise them for food. We ask that you pass and make into law H.R. 3781 and end this barbaric practice for good.


The Undersigned


[I really hate talking about this topic because I know I must sound harsh. What is going on really does break my heart. But the problem is not with slaughter, its getting them there in a humane fashion. A big part of the problem is that no one wants the slaughterhouse in their backyard so we force them to be shipped; in sometimes deplorable conditions. Control the shipment and penning process. Control what happens at the plants. >>

*If you force the owners to deal with it themselves some will call the vet and have it done correctly, some will use the nearest gun, and some will starve them to death.

I do want to warn that not everybody may want to read this post.

While I understand what you are saying, I could never agree with that way of thinking. Yes, starvation is terrible, but that hardly has anything to do with the slaughterhouses. There are thousands of people who sell their horses at auction, the horses are bid on and these na�ve people think the horse is going to a good home. If they knew that the person bidding on the horse was shipping it to slaughter, don�t you think they would rather put that horse down themselves than send it on to such a horrific end?

Why do you seem to think it is only the transport of the horses that is horrific? Do you not realize what happens once their journey is done? The horse is prodded into the killer chute, he is desperately trying to backup to get out of the chute because he knows what is going to happen; he smells death all around him and has already heard the other horses going to their death. He starts to slip in the blood that is all around him, then he gets the stun gun and many times they are still conscious. Then he is strung up by his leg and his throat is slit. Keep in mind he is still alive and possibly conscious at this time. The blood comes out in such force that the person doing the murdering is usually covered in blood. The entire time the poor horse is terrified out of his mind, even worse because horses are panic animals. In some slaughterhouses they use a mallet instead of the stun gun. Not only does it take several blows to put the animal down, but as he is being hit repeatedly, stumbling and swaying, the murderers are laughing and making a game of it. Sometimes a mare is brought in with her foal and she has to witness this being done to her baby before it is done to her. Okay, is that a better death? Of course I won�t say you are harsh, because you admit it breaks your heart and I am assuming you love horses*

This just sickens me so much. I hate horse slaughter and it should be banned ASAP. And slaughter for humane consumption? That's even sicker. I can't even say more right now...

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