2003-05-26 : 8:29 p.m.
Oh fuck you

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Certain people in the world make life not worth living. They are few and far between though they exist. Luck is also an extremely hard thing to come by, but it also does exist, just few people get to experience it! Yet lucky for me, one of the individuals happens to live right here under the same roof as me. How did I come by luck and one of these people? Isn't is just so damn amazing? Everything is falling at my feet so perfectly. God life sucks. Why the fuck should I have to deal with the harassment and verbal abuse day in and day out? The sad thing is that she doesn't see it either. Threatening to padlock you in a room, chain the windows shot, disconnect the phone, and let you rot just because you don't feel like listening to his jackass remarks and stupidity suddenly gets you a threat like that. Maybe it was an extreme and exageration, but hell, it was not necessary. And me, I'm motivated when someone makes my life a living hell. Motivated to make there life as hellful as mine. So fuck you. I hope you rot in hell.

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