2002-11-01 : 5:24 p.m.
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FUCK! AOL ate my last entry by freezing and closing! All 300 words of it! I hate AOL!!! Even though it was my own fault! FUCK!

Lemme start again. Or rather attempt too. Man! This really sucks.

LM game tomorrow. I'm actually going. No dance, but just the game. My one social event of the year. lol.

So yesterday was Halloween. Eunice and Susan came over to hand out candy to the 6 groups that actually showed up. We scared bunches of people I'm sure by putting on jockey goggles and looking like idiots. I'm sure my silks helped with the scaring as well. we're idiots. I know. Yeah so we sat around after eating watching Friends and Scrubs (did ya know Eunice actually watches TV sometimes? Shocker.) and then played this stupid game Nightmare, or rather attempted too. The gatekeeper guy on the video is really scary. Man to have such an ugly face... lol. I would hate that on my resum�. lol. Yeah so then they left and I watched ER.

ER was good! It was classic ER. Retro ER. Ahh. ER from the olden days! WEEEEEEEE!!!!! I love ER. PLUS it wasn't on ER, but it was ROMANO ER! I love Romano and Paul McCrane is AWESOME! So underrated. He is great though! You love to hate him, but he's still AWESOME! And the Elizabeth scenes. I think they'll be together by season's end. Too cute. And the look they shared. Awww! Poor Romano though.... And Lizzy and ELLA! Too cute as well. Ella as a cow was adorable. Oh! And a Mark reference! He was a scarecrow and Ella was Dorothy last Halloween! Awww! Though, "if I only had a braiu..." maybe that's me reading FAR too much into that... oh well. The kid is too cute! And on the train! Awww! Don Cheadle was also very good. Looking forward to next week, but PRATT and CHEN = EEEEEEWWWWWWW! **side note** Susan's hair looked good! Just like before! Wahoo! And then Carter and Abby are so cute even though we saw almost none of them. Oh well. And Luka. No comment. He is the WORST! I hate him now. I loved Doug but this Doug redux is NOT working. Stop it now!!!!

SO I realized that this Noah obsession is slowly fading... so so so so so sad. really is. BUT HE HAS A WIFE AND A KID. That is just hard. Lol...

Yeah so I did nothing today. I didn't even manage to see all the stuff I taped last week as I was to tired to stay up and watch. You think that with me being home today I could have caught up on Third Watch and other crap? Nope. I did get through 2.5 episodes though which was good. But I still have more to go. I am turning into a Third Watch obsesseeeeeee. It's a new obsession though I've watched for the past year and a half. I love the show. Has such depth. So underrated.

Yeah so I feel so deprived. I miss racing. I know that there is still races going on, but the Breeders' Cup is over and the Derby trail doesn't really start till January and then it's not exciting till the Fountain of Youth! Booklet won last year! He's so cute!

OOOO! Grey Memo is so pretty! He races at Santa Anita tomorrow! Go Memo!

I miss Magic. I hope he comes back healthy and strong next year. He is just so CUTE! I love him! Go Magic!

Goodbye My Friend

Oh we never know where life will take us

We know it's just a ride on the wheel

And we never know when death will shake us

And we wonder how it will feel

So goodbye my friend

I know I'll never see you again

But the time together through all the years

Will take away the tears

It's O.K. now

Goodbye my friend

I'd see a lot of things that made me crazy

And I guess I held on to you

You could've run away and left, well maybe

But it wasn't time and we both knew

So goodbye my friend

I know I'll never see you again

But the love you gave me through all the years

Will take away my tears

I'm O.K. now

Good bye my friend

A life so fragile, a love so pure

We can't hold on but we try

We watch how quickly it disappears

And we'll never know why

But I'm O.K. now

Goodbye my friend

You can go now

Goodbye my friend

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