2004-04-24 : 8:14 p.m.

Current Song: "Disarm" -- Smashing Pumpkins
Current Rant: lack of $$$$ thanks to ariat tall boots with the full zipper
Current Obsession: ariat

Not much to say, but that's ok.

Went to Dover with Marie then out to dinner. That was probably the excitement of today. Got new tall boots though. yay! I get rid of my crappy pair now. AND they're comfortable! That's rare. Of course, I spent a small fortune on them, but...


What else? Talked to a Radnor person at the barn today, one of the few Radnor people there. I didn't realize she was at Radnor and she didn't know I graduated from there. Ah well. Yeah. It seems that other than us, the only other Radnor people there are much younger (middle school age). That's nice though. We both started there so we could be away from Radnor people. Lol. Yeah anyway...

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