2004-05-13 : 1:13 p.m.
I'm off to see Smarty!

Current Song: "slow down" Ben Jelen
Current Rant: See yesterday's entry
Current Obsession: Smarty Jones!

Baltimore, here I come! Well, soon, here I come.

Yeah so I'm going to Baltimore later this afternoon for the Preakness. I'll there until Saturday night with the lovely presspass I have. :) Yay! I'm bringing my computer so I should be on this weekend.

I have the horse show on Sunday. I think I'll drive to my aunt's on Saturday so that I don't have to leave my house at 6:45 Sunday morning and rather at 7:15. I wonder if my mom is going to come? We'll see.

Well, Smarty Jones, here I come!

That said, poor Stef: i feel like my child has gone off to college! i miss Smarty!

Go Smarty and all watch the Preakness on Saturday on NBC from 5-6:30pm. Oh, I hopefully will have pictures up tomorrow evening somewhere.

Wish my luck!

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