2002-10-25 : 10:17 p.m.
"...and down the stretch they come..."

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Yeah so it is Friday night and I am sitting here on the computer "watching" (or rather reading) Skate America on about 3 message boards. FSU is a really scary place but the people are rather amusing. Scary, but amusing. Lol. Oh well, the F5 key really comes in handy. Men's short is almost over. I think pairs long is tonight as well.

School is over for the week. Wahoo! This was a never ending week that just didn't end. Art History paper due today (draft 1) and I forgot to do English homework and got glared at but she is collecting it Monday. Had a crappy genetics test. Spent 7th talking to Euni et EuniMommy. Was rather amusing. And then there was hell, or rather class avec McBride. Math. It was actually amusing. We have this ongoing seat debate between Hume, Kirsten, and the other Sarah. Anyway, Sarah got there fast and stole Kirsten's seat, Hume got there next but let Kirsten have his seat because she glared at him... Then throughout class, Hume was yelling at Sarah. Finally randomly at one point after Hume said something, Liza turns around and says "because your table sucks!" I don't remember the context but it was hillarious! Yes, that was kind Liza. Dr. Baker also walks in as Hume is eating so he throws his crakers to under the desk to hide 'em from Baker. Was also amusing. Then there was the part about how McBride could have tought history if he had one more history class in college (4.0 GPA) and he "would be like Wood, only smarter." Liza again. Math is horrible but the people are rather amusing.

Breeders' Cup tomorrow! Came Home is going to kick major ass in the classic cause he is awesome and I said he will! Imperial Gesture and Farda Amiga are going to dead heat for first in the distaff, Bull Market (even though he is a baffass horse) is going to rock along with Whywhywhy is the juvenile cause Sky Mesa is out =( Storm Flag Flying is going to blow the field away in the juv fillies, Rocky is going to rock in the mile, Xtra Heat is going to be extra special and Orientate will be great as well in the sprint, and finally With Anticipation is going to prove the world wrong by winning the turf! AND how many of these predictions will come true? I'm sure none but came home is still gonna be the best horse there! Go baby go!

1-6:30 tomorrow on NBC! 5.5 hours of racing! Wahooo!!!!

"...If you ask me to, I just might change my mind and let you in my life forever. If you ask me to, I just might give my heart and stay here in your arms forever..."

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