2002-09-02 : 9:08 p.m.
Nothing to say.

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It's been awhile. I haven't had anything to say. I got a car, but I didn't feel like posting about it. Nothing else has happened.

Today I went to the PA Derby. Twas fun. People were there. I got silks that were signed by people. 5 bucks. Not very exciting. Harlan won the PA Derby. Go Harlan. I wanted to go to the backside after the race, but mom wanted to go home and got mad at me for asking.

School tomorrow ::shudder:: I have to be there by 9am. WTF? Marissa called and told me. I have no way to get there. Cher and I are gonna walk. That sucks. We'll leave here at 8:30. I asked mom to drive me. She blew up at me "just go to school when your suppost to and quit ruing my life." Fuck her. All I did was ask. Is there any harm in...asking? I didn't hold a gun to her head and tell her she had to, I said, "is there anyway you can get to work a little late?" UGHHHH!!!!

That's all. SO much for a good mood. Life really sucks.

Soaps sucked today. Not worth watching. Pointless. I don't care about half of the people. Watched 2.5 hrs in less that 1/2 hour. Talk about exciting.

Cassie Martin's diary is interesting.

That's all. Go away.

"...I'm gonna make you love me..."

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