2002-11-27 : 8:52 p.m.
It's as simple as that. I suck.

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I suck. It's as simple as that. Barb left so she could spend more time with her own horse (I don't blame her...) and now Josie teaches the lesson. She told me in everyway without actually telling me I suck. Plus all the new exersizes (which I couldn't do and now I'm sore).... It sucked. I'll give her 2 lessons before I find somewhere else. I'll miss Barb and MIKE! I'll miss the fun and the humor and the support and the fact that Mike made fun of me the entire lesson. So goodbye Barb and Mike, thanks for making it fun. I'll miss you guys! Just remember, I suck.

Yeah so that's the simplified version of the story. I switched to 6 o'clock lessons cause it's easier for everyone else if I do that and today was going to be my first 6pm lesson with Barb's earlier class. Right? Not so. My mom gets out first and goes up just to find out that Barb is leaving ::sob:: and Josie (she sounds like a hippie, lol) is taking over. Fun. So not only did I have a hell of a time doing my own stirrups, but I managed to screw everything else up too. We worked on diagonals and I can�t tell the difference (note: we couldn�t look, had to feel� I can barely tell by looking�) and got yelled at. Then we did a line, I screwed up. Then we cantered, and guess what? I got yelled at! Why? First cause I grabbed mane like Barb tells me to do and second b/c I trotted first rather than going right from a walk (I sometimes have trouble going from a trot to canter, and have NEVER tried it from a walk�). Then we took our feet out of the stirrups and extended them down so that they were below the stirrups and had to have the heal down and toe up. HURTS LIKE HELL. Not to mention we had to balance the metal on our foot, first walking then trotting. I couldn�t really do it at the walk and the trot? HAHAHAHA! Then we had to put feet back in stirrups without looking and using hands (for anything but steering)� Note, we REPEATED all this SEVERAL times. I hurt like hell. Then we cantered again and when we went back to the trot, needed to be on the correct lead. I was! She said good job to everyone and all I got was an �all right.� Joy. So much for the notion that I DON�T suck� I spent the last � hour of the longest lesson in history trying not to cry. The only good thing was Barb said she�d fill out the recommendation form. Yay Barb! I cried while driving home. I was frustrated and guess what? I hurt! I can�t walk either. So sore. Driving was interesting� I had the left leg bent and only moved my toes to break and gas� lol. Quite funny actually. I�ll give it a few weeks and if it still sucks, I�ll find someone else. I tell you, Stacy was the only one who saved the class. If she wasn�t there, I�d be stuck with all these miniature, rich little stuck up bitches who won�t talk to me at all. I�m sure they�re actually glaring or laughing at me. I miss my old class. Janet, Roz, Stacy, NANCY (it�s been forever since she left), and me. It was awesome. Support and all adults (�cept for Roz=6th/7th grade). Was so much fun.

Ok, West Wing is coming on. Goodbye Rob Lowe. Then it�s off to watch some of my Felicity DVDs! Woohooo! I need to cheer myself up.

One last note. I really am going to miss Mike. He's so much like Gary. So annoying and makes fun of me so much, but is a great guy. Advice, laughs, jokes, fun, support. I'll miss him as much as Barb. Also, I have no one to take the focus off of me. So sucky. Bye Barb, Bye Mike, I'll miss you. Hopefully I'll see you both around.

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