2004-04-11 : 11:54 a.m.
Don't call me!

Current Song: "the luckiest" ben folds
Current Rant: rain and easter
Current Obsession: blaaaah

Wooohooo! Happy Easter!

Um, yeah, that burst of excitement is over. What can I say? It is raining and gloomy and grey and UGLY! Ugh. Typical Easter, typical. Oh well, what is there to do about it? Nothing. Grrr. I guess I�d better get this entry typed out before the ways of the world pull me away to go get some work done. Ahhh! Scary!

Ok! Like usual, RECAP time. Grr. I hate having to recap, but sadly nothing actually is happening when I write so I must write of what has already happened. Quite sad, I know, but it�s the story of my life. Very sad, but very true.

When did I last write? Wednesday or Thursday? Not a clue. Oh well.


It was actually a beautiful day. I didn�t sleep because it was hot and I can�t sleep when I�m hot. I got up, got ready to go to meet Deshpande (hey! I wrote Friday morning, didn�t I?) which was completely pointless as he ignored me the entire time� ::rolls eyes:: Then I went to French, cut Euro, and went to English just to get a phone call from Barb before class started so I called her back and the confusion began. Wanted me to come early for a lesson, but I had class which I ultimately left because I was ready to murder Derik, my jackass professor. I called her back and found out I could ride at 4pm with Allison so I left and drove around for awhile before getting to Greylyn, grabbing Bay, and grooming him. I had a pretty ok lesson. I love nameless bay horse; though he is so much better than me it isn�t even funny. Allison did say we made a good match because of that though. I�m in love with him though. Haha. We�re trying to come up with a name, but he is still nameless. Gaah. Anyway, I fed bay a lot. 2 apples, 2lbs of carrots, 2 handfuls of peppermints, and a stud muffin. He�s a silly pony. Acts like such a baby, though he is 11. Silly, silly pony!

Yeah so I hung around for a while and then watched lessons and began, well, continued my never ending phone chain with greylyn people. Gaaah. Keeping in mind my 4 calls with barb earlier, then I made 2 to Allison, she called me 2x, then I got up to the top ring, and someone for barb showed up so I had to call her and then after the lessons I get another call or 2 from Allison. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! All I can say is it�s been a nice few days without speaking with either on the phone!

Well, I got my car fixed yesterday! Woohoo and then Tapit and Smarty Jones won yesterday so I was even happier and then I watched some crappy movie on TV which sadly made me even happier. So I went to bed and woke up with my happiness not as prominent. Grrr. Though, am I really surprised?

Gaah. Work to do. Grrrr.

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