2002-08-26 : 11:05 p.m.
I gonna get a car! I gonna get a car!

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I gonna get a car! I gonna get a car! I gonna get a car! Woohoooo!!!!!

We saw the car tonight and my mom drove it and it was good! The guy didn't plan on selling it so he had recently gotten new tires and a new timing belt but his wife kinda wanted the new car... lol...

Nice people. Nice car. Pretty car. Newer car then I should be buying! 1996!

It's gold.

It's pretty!

It drives good!

Such wonderful english, right?

Ohhh. What else?

We haven't bought it yet. Verbal agreement so all could change. We are gonna call them on Wed night and buy either on Thurs or Fri. They need to sign the title and other crap.

I am so excited!

I get a car! I get a car! Of course, that's gonna make my bank account $4500 less than it was and leave me with very little money. Just over 1000 which really sucks.

Now, I need to get my license which is a whole new story. Whenever I take my test. Oy vey.

Parking permit mailing came last week and I should get one! I figure if I don't have my license, then I'll see if I can still get one so that I have it when I can legally drive so it maybe a month or so. Who knows?

I'm not driving anyone around yet though. I don't want to do that yet and my mom thinks that's wise so I'll just be driving myself so I'm sorry that I can't give people rides yet. I need to be driving on my own before that. K?

I just need to take my test now. Oy vey. I'm sure I'll fail the first time. Yikes. But, I'm only human. Wish me luck whenever I take the test, k? Not that I'll tell people before cause I'm sure I'll fail. Ahh the pressure!

Anyone want to come with my to Philly Park on Saturday? My mom won't let me go alone. PLEASE??????

"...and he said take my hand, live while you can. If we walk know we will divide and conquer this land..."

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