2003-09-26 : 11:38 p.m.
Catching up

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I'm going to try and force myself to write here and now. I haven't in a while and it's likely because I can just get lazy and it takes work and time and motivation, none of which I really have. Oy vey. excuses, excuses.

Classes have been classes. People have been people. I can't really say I have anything to say about all that. Last Thursday Isabel knocked out our power in the dorm for 2 hours and that was scary as hell. crazy people running around with flashlights... ahhh. Then we lost power again Friday morning and classes were cancelled which was VERY nice. This week I was lazy and actually ended up cutting everything today. i had a sinus headache but more so than that I just didn't feel like going. Bad excuse I know, but it's the god honest truth.

I bought my saddle on Saturday. It's new and very pretty. I've only ridden in it once, that was on Wednesday, but it is VERY comfortable! And Barb was happy too. she didn't yell at me this week! haha. Well, it's not that she yelled at me before, just lectured me regarding saddles. I won't even go there. it was strange. Anyway, my lesson on Wednesday went really well. I was on Monet and while as a whole, none of us did much, we stayed in check and I stayed in control and everything when well. I was able to keep her from cantering over the jump like a madhorse and then halting 2 strides after. It was actually pretty good, and fun. Yay Monet!

Before I get to my other lesson, I'll cut back to Tuesday of this week (everything before this week i can't really remember, it's amazing enough if I figure this past week out...). I headed out to Ryerss as usual. Jo Beth was there for about an hour before she left like usual on Tuesdays. Lisa, Nancy, Emily, and oh god, what's her name... that lady. god... was also there. I'll remember it someday. I started out helping Jo medicate Specko (yes Echo is still in and still badly limping) and Sport (I am now in love with Good Sport! he's such a good boy!). After we brought them in I helped with the cleaning of Sport's still oozing puncture wound. Poor guy, but he's a gentleman! I hope it heals soon... Sno is also lame. His legs have blown up, the poor Snowman... I've always liked Sno. Yeah so... after Jo Beth left Lisa, Emily, Nancy, ____ and I headed out to do a heard check. They're all still in Toby and Snowcap's field (without those two of course) and then when we got back to the barn, I went to see DANCER who was in for Steve on Wed. Yay Dancer! haha. He got half an apple and many other treats. God that horse loves me. He gave me kisses, butted his nose against my shoulder, came when I called him, nickered at me, snorted at me, and grunted at me. He may have winnied as well. I felt loved though. Yay Dancer!!!! I am so glad he was in... it was so good to see him! ahhh!

Ok here goes. Thursday I had my first Equestrian Team lesson. I went with Brandi and Marie and they are both nice (in fact Brandi lives in North Coventry. haha and her roomate is Emily Tyler who went to Radnor and lived on Wooded Lane. Small world) but Dee is another story. We get there early and do a lot of waiting. Then Dee comes in and tries to get our riding level. She got mad when we didn't give her straight forward answers (well, that can be hard, idiot.) and ultimately we tacked out horses up and headed out. I was on Stuffy and had a crappy lesson. Everything I did sucked. My canter sucked and she yelled at me for everything, especially for not pulling him up when she told me too (I didn't hear her... grr) and made fun of me... Well, I'm doing walk-trot though i may get DQ'ed which would just suck. It was in the end Amber's call and she's going to see if I can get away with it, maybe more so so that I can gain confedence by winning a few ribbons here and there. Let's just hope I do and don't get DQed. Grr... After the lesson we cleaned tack, groomed and then payed Dee and gathered down by mine and Amber's car and talked for almost an hour. I really hope Amber gets her barn built. I don't think I can stand a year with Dee... I also found out that I'm not the only one having a hard time meeting people as Amber said it wasn't till before christmas break after she transfered here that she found friends (through riding) and decided to stay (thought about not going back after christmas...) so that helps that I'm not the only one... Hey atleast I'll get to know some of the people on the team. Errr. I got to remember to e-mail her and grant permission for people to borrow my chaps for the western shows... tomorrow I'll do that.

Anyway, after we got back I went to dinner with Brandi and we met up with Emily so that was good. Then I headed back to my room to watch must see tv (ie Friends and ER). ER was... ahhh. pretty good. That's all I'm saying. Talked to Susan throughout the whole thing. twas quite fun. Then I went to bed.

Today I just didn't feel like going to class so I didn't. Went home and to the library and ended up rewatching er and some of pride and prejudie as well as Ed. I still have to rewatch West Wing. God that was awesome! aahh! Tonight it was Joan of Arcadia which was quite good as well. Sunday it's ALIAS! haha. I've spend a good part of this evening downloading clips and all I can say is wow. poor sidney, stupid vaughn... I cannot wait!

Tomorrow I may head to Ryerss though after stalls are pretty much done. i'm far to tired to do them. Sunday I'll probably go as well.

Ahh. Tired. I've written enough. THough, the question is, when will I write again? haha. Probably in a couple of weeks as a result of my laziness... well, I'll try after Alias. Record my reaction or something. *** that other lady's name was LINDA! I knew I'd someday remember... ***

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