2002-12-17 : 5:31 p.m.
Running around like a crazy person.

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I'm a crazy person I tell you. Me=crazy. I have so much friggin' work and no time to get it done. The little time I do I have I waste on this dumb machine! I am insane! Life is crazy. Play auditions tomorrow and do I know the song I'm singing? Uh. Hell no. Thank you very much. Mrs. Christy, just make me a tree know since I have no hope. Actually, I know I will be to bad for a tree, maybe a bush? Damn. Why the hell am I trying out for this anyway? I should just do pit orchestra!

And then the papers... hahaha. You actually expect me to get them done? That's the funniest thing I've heard all day. Art history research paper due friday. Total pages = 4+. English "Their Eyes Were Watching God" paper due friday. Pages = 1-2. So basically, I'm dead.

Meisters is taking over my life. Wyeth (MAD) last friday night, Concert last night, Overbrook today, School community period one tomorrow, Liberty Place Thursday, Administration Friday. Everyday this week. Fuck. Thats the best way I can put it. Fuck.

Smart people like Ohnmar get into Harvard. Idiots.

Tomorrow will be fun. Genetics, concert, Meisters, Math test, lunch, viola lesson, run back to school for audition, riding. somewhere along the way I need to fix part of my pot for art, start writing papers, and finish the english book (another hahahaha). The world is INSANE! For the record, I've had 4 math tests so far in the last week. One tomoroow, who knows about friday. McBride=Evil.

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