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Ok, so I said I would write about San Francisco and I will, just not today.

Blame it on the fact that I'm watching CSPAN right now. man I'm a geek. Oh well ;)

I'm bitter about some stuff so I figured, what can make me feel better than a little Bush bashing? haha.

From the DNC:

The Bush Budget Disaster in PA

Homeland Security
The Bush 2006 budget cuts $420 million to state and local funding for homeland security, including a $34.7 million cut for Pennsylvania. These cuts will take police and firefighters off your streets.
The Bush budget cuts the COPS program, which has put 3,561 officers on Pennsylvania streets, by 96 percent.
Health Care
The Bush budget cuts $45 billion from Medicaid, enough to provide health care to 1.8 million children. Pennsylvania's share of these cuts is $2.3 billion.
Bush's budget cuts the very same community and rural health care programs he touted during the campaign, even though more than 337,000 Pennsylvania residents have lost their health care coverage since Bush took office due to his failures.
Bush underfunds his own No Child Left Behind Act by $13.1 billion in his budget. In Pennsylvania, that means a shortfall of $425.5 million, leaving behind 107,337 Pennsylvania children.
Bush promised to fund Pell Grants in his State of the Union address, but his budget is $6.6 billion short. That's $216.3 million less than what's needed in Pennsylvania, a real burden for the 170,701 students in Pennsylvania who receive the grants.
Other Priorities
The Bush budget would require many veterans to pay a new $250 annual "user fee" to use the Veterans Administration health care system, and would double the prescription drug co-payment for the 1,280,788 Pennsylvania veterans.
Bush cuts Pennsylvania clean water programs by $15.3 million.
Bush's 2006 budget also cuts the Low Income Heating Energy Assistance Program -- which helps low-income families afford heating fuel in the winter -- by $234.4 million, including $15.7 million cut for Pennsylvania residents.
And Bush's irresponsible budget is a record $427 billion in the red, increasing each Pennsylvania family's share of the federal debt by $37,688.


Wow! I actually feel better and all I did was cut and paste!


Ok, right now they're talking about the 2008 Presidential Election: John Edwards, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani...

Side Note.

DAMN. Steve Clemons just said that had 9/11 not happened, Bush likely wouldn't have won HIS PARTY'S nomination.

back to regular programing.

Clemons and the other guy on C-SPAN and John Avalon are also talking about liberals becoming less liberal and moderates and conservatives become, well, more conservative. Yeah we all know this, the country is being pulled more and more to the right, and that scares the shit out of me. Now 2008.

Could McCain or Giuliani win the Republican nomination? It's seems right now that McCain is the "it" man and likely if there weren't party nominations he'd do quite well, but there are and the right controls the party. The CSPAN guys claim he could in theory win the nomination, but I can't say I'm that confident. Honestly, I like McCain, but I can't say I would vote for him. I'd vote Edwards in a minute, if Kerry were to run, I'd vote for him as well. Hillary Clinton? Not so much a fan, but hell yeah I'd vote for her. If McCain were to switch parties I'd give him more consideration. I just don't trust the RNC right now.

According to the Freedomer, the Pro-choice views of Rudy Giuliani "likely will undermine [his] ability to win the party's presidential nomination in 2008." The Washington Times (3/15, Fagan, Lambro) reports that Republican campaign strategist Bill Dal Col said, "At the end of the day, only the pro-life social conservative will be the nominee in 2008." I'm sure this will be true and that just scares the shit out of me.

Now the new issue seems to be "A Purple America." According to ReuniteAmerica.net, "The presidential election is history. The Republicans won 51% of the votes, and with it, the power to profoundly change the country. In the days following the election, it has be clear that President Bush is moving to consolidate power and place people who are loyal to him and his philosophy in critical positions.

It is also clear that our country is deeply divided in terms of political power, and 49% of the electorate currently feels orphaned. It is said that the shift of a mere 50,000 votes in Ohio could have allowed the democrats to win the election and the power, but that is history as well.
However, when you look at the election from the perspective of where Republicans and Democrats overlap, a remarkably more "balanced" view of the election emerges. We are indeed, a "Purple America" and it's something we all need to remember."

Now that is scary. It's amazing how much "true red" there is, but "true blue" seems not to exist as much.

Ooh! West Wing talk!!! Alan Alda's "classic centist campaign!" haha. The "civility that's been missing in politics." I'm amused by C-Span.

Ack. It's easier to cover extermist because they make more noise?

They're promoting centrist movements now. OOOh. Criticizing Gore. Bad idea. I'll get pissed off. Clemons explained that he supported Bush over Gore because he hates the far right "socially intollerant" yet felt that they'd be alienated or something so prefered Bush? What? But Clemons now admits he was wrong. Granted, I might have missed some of that because I was talking to my mother, but still...

Back to West Wing, I just watched this past weeks and they are making Repulblican Arnold Vinick so likable, but during their RNC all the speakers bashed Bartlet, yet Vinick came out and praised Bartlet. What pissed me off is the winner of the Republican nomination get some say in the RNC, so it's completely hipocritical for the RNC to bash and then praise. Pissed me off.

I'm not sure I like the term "mushy moderate" haha.

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