2004-02-10 : 9:43 a.m.
It's a miracle!

Current Song: "Variations on a Theme" -- The Juliana Theory
Current Rant: It's so hot in here.
Current Obsession: listening to music

And I was doing so damn well... however, alas I am back. Suffer. ha!

I really don't have all that much to say. The weekend went pretty well. Sunday at least. Though I sat around and watched All My Childred all afternoon because I'm an idiot, but who the hell cares? Honestly other than the trip to Clemens for my mom, I can't remember anything from Sunday. Well, I watched the Grammy's but nothing else.

Yesterday I couldn't get myself up so I ended up missing French. When I did wake up I called my mom and then we spent time on the phone with the bank dealing with getting me a credit card. Then I wasted more time and left for school at 11 intime to get here from Euro. Euro was good, talked about Darwin and evolution, or the way he says it "evil-ution" as a result of his New Zealand accent. haha. It's actually quite amusing. Quote of the day from that class if definitely: "here are the people for evolution and here are the stupid people." Remedial english sucked, but what do you expect?

I went to work and it started off well, but since Lauren didn't show up, it was just me. I was a minute late at 6 and Josie wasn't thrilled. HOWEVER, if the clock in the tack room had the right time, all would have been ok thank you very much. Oh well, she can deal.

After I had viola and I just didn't want to be there. I got back and talked to my mother and then Eunice on IM for awhile.

Now today I was originally gonna go home and sleep all afternoon (need the laundry I forgot... aack), but then I got an email from Jo and feel like I should go to Ryerss at least to figure out when the hell she wants me to take the pictures of Irish and Murray. Ahhh. I need to get back here at a decent hour to finish my cultural autobiography for tomorrow, but that's it. Ugh. I know she wants pics ASAP bc someone is interested in Irish, but wants to see a picture first so we'll see. Regardless, I'm heading to Ryerss today.

What else? It was so incredibly hot in here that I got up in the middle of the night, opened the window and woke Kat up. Oh well, she can deal. I remind you this was with the fan blowing straight at my head.

Well, I need to go get to class... Speech communications. help me.

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