2002-09-27 : 11:34 p.m.
Incompetent, my feet are dead!

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Went to New York today with HEL... Long bus ride with an incompetent bus driver. Left at about 7:55 and stopped a half hour later for his bathroom break and arrived at the Natural History Museum at 10:30. Yes, you read that right, the Natural History Museum. Of course that being on the wrong side of Manhattan, we finally got to the Met at 11am. We had to be back at the bus at 12pm so we could get to the Cloisters. 1 hr in the greatest museum... I don't think so. Tried to see as much as I could as well as doing the extra credit stuff for aprthstry (AP Art History) but Susan and I kept getting lost. Saw pretty musical insturments as well as the Tiffany windows. Did I mention I hate Patty Ahn? She takes my answer for a question and writes it down on her paper (I did not give her my paper either) and then she refuses to tell me anything she has because I should "find it myself." Adam is also an idiot, but I'm not getting into that. We were going to eat lunch but there was no time so we went out side where I proceeded to slip on wet steps after my dead foot's ankle gave out on me. The bus wasn't there so we all had a BEAUTIFUL lunch of street vender hot dogs and pretzels, lol. The bus showed up at 12:45ish. Told you, incompetent guy. Me no say thank you to him. Went to the Cloisters next and it was nice, by I was tired and in pain so I found the tour guide to be an obnoxious, walked around for a little bit and went to the gift shop. Got back on the bus where Mrs. Wolf proceeded to become my hero. Had pretzel rods and spice cookies. Between that and my water, I became happier. On the way home, Susan stole my ER cd so I took her Felicity cd and listened to that most of the way back, though I did miss songs 7.5-10 due to sleep, but so what? Got back around 5:25 and got my car and drove home. Got home at 5:35 and wasted my time.

Then tonight, I decided to FINALLY get to Borders to get the Felicity cd and when I walk in there are Miyako, Ohnmar, Joan, Eileen, John Kneeland, Alex, Bill, and possibly someone else. Basically Miyako, Joan, and Ohnmar came together just to find more people there. Seriously though, it was everyone from the trip... ack. So much for 10 minutes at borders, it was more like 45 but I had to get home so I left (along with the masses except for half of them). Scary though.

That was my day. I still find the bus driver to be completely incompetent.

Oh yeah, my right foot is dead and it's death cause it's ankle (yes, ankle belongs to foot) to die to. I have had ice on it for about an hout or two as well as a few hours yesterday, but it hurts like hell. It's dead. My foot is dead.

"I wonder how I ever make it through a day...?"

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