2005-02-04 : 11:45 a.m.
"Dear Jed, President Josiah Bartlet, President of the United States..."

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From the Guardian Unlimited

While we have your attention, Mr President... (Part 3)

It's not often that we get the chance to speak directly to the most powerful man in the world. So as George Bush lands in Britain for his first state visit, we asked 60 Brits and Americans to make the most of it


Near the bottom of the page, in the midst of Dubya letters, we have this:

Dear Jed,

I just wanted to say how delighted we are to welcome you to Britain - apologies for the rain. Thanks also for making sure CJ and Leo have managed to plan such a sensitive and undisruptive schedule for you. It's an absolute pleasure to welcome a president who doesn't execute minors and isn't such a drunken embarrassment he had to be kept away from the queen at the age of 42.

Having decided that denial is the easiest way to not spend my life terrified, as well as maintaining my attachment to my favourite country, I have decided to believe that you, Josia Bartlet, are actually the president, and that The West Wing is a weekly documentary series.

I reckon if enough people could be persuaded to do this with me it might actually happen and we wouldn't have to cope with someone that blocks international funding to family-planning groups, likes to keep his own people slightly confused - 1984-style - as to exactly where their enemies come from, and calls anyone who disagrees with him a traitor to freedom.

You know, Jed, years ago I was hitchhiking through your great country and one of those huge southern rainstorms opened the heavens above me. There wasn't a car to be seen. Finally one showed up, and tore straight past me down the endless road. After 10 minutes in the distance it screeched to a halt, turned round and back and picked me up.

"Hey," said the man inside, "a year ago I wouldn't have picked you up. But then I found Jesus Christ as my own personal saviour. And I did it for him. Have you considered finding Jesus?" And I thought, "Erm... that still makes you a shithead - just one that now thinks he's getting brownie points." Remind you of anyone?

Please keep on with your stated ambition of making the next election about "Being smart. Being engaged. Being qualified." As I'm living in a complete fantasy world, I'm sure that's the way to go. Warmest wishes,
Jenny Colgan

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