2005-02-19 : 11:30 p.m.
Pictures at last (so much so they are outdated...)

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Finally dorm pictures. Of course, these were all taken a while ago and this is not currently how the room is set up, but oh well. You get the idea.

Walking into the room

My then messy corner

The other half of my corner

My closets

the fireplace and katie's army man

Erin's space. Yes, she does have half the room. We all know this but her...

The corner of my bed, Erin's space, Grace's space

Corner of my bed again, Lauren's space, Katie's Corner (and Grace's dresser)

The room again

My unmade bed and modern russia crap

Me again. Bed, Fridge, Desk, comp, aim, and crap

Desk, Dresser, closets

Fridge/end table

The dorm (aka the Castle)

My room is right behind that turot thing

So there. That was what my room looked like. I'll try to bring my camera this week and take pictures (WITHOUT the big lense)...

In another note, Megan came into BR tonight! ;) Thanks! That said, we're all getting old! Freaky...

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