2004-12-14 : 11:09 p.m.
fuck finals

Current Song: "kissing you" des'ree
Current Rant: finals
Current Obsession: studdddddddddddying

so finals are fast approaching (aka today is reading day and tomorrow they begin). I've got 2 (fake science and modern russia) on Thursday, Journalism on Monday, and my writing and comm term paper due on tuesday and then I am FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. oh thank fucking god. Ugh.

What else? I've spent all fucking day studying russia. I'm on the last question sheet and then I have to finish reading the Hochschild book. All other reading is done. THat's my plan for today (or what is left of it). Tomorrow is dedicated to science, though I'll take my russian to the barn to study there. Ughhhhhh.

I just want this semester to be over. I haven't even started studying for journalism, or worse, i haven't even started my comm paper. fuck, i'm screwed. oh well, at this point i don't even care.

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