2002-07-13 : 5:04 p.m.
Mes Pauvre Feet

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Owwwwwww!!!!! My feet hurt! ::cries::

And my neck really hurt too! ::cries some more::

I have to leave in about 40 minutes to get up to the train so I can get to Megan's and then so that we can find someplace in Wayne to eat and then go to a movie. I don't remember what we're seeing... Oh well... This will be my 2nd trip to the train station. Plus one trip home and the walks to and from the train in Berwyn. Basically, not including the stuff to a from Berwyn station I have walked 2 1/2 miles today and that will soon be 3 3/4 when I add this next trip. Plus the other walks so I say by the end of today I'll probably have walked a little over 4 miles possibly 4 1/4 miles. EW. Thank you so much Megan's people for being willing to drive me home. That would have been to much walking and trains for me.

Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Those ungrateful people at Impressions! I got so little in tips today. Thursday 2 weeks ago I got $5 'cause some lady felt bad that I didn't get anything on my first day. Nice lady. Then that Saturday I got $8 or $9 in tips, but that was after spliting most of them with Karen who was helping me out. Today, I washed the most heads and all by my self and I got a lousy $4 in tips! No one but 3 of John's clients even tipped me! Those ungratefull slimes... Do they think I work *just* for my small pay? Ah, no. The tips are suppost to help me out. AAHHHHH!!!! Oh and then the ungrateful people at Impressions (the other ungrateful people there).... I asked for my pay check for the 2 days I worked and Adriana (bitchy receptionist) told me someone would have to call me about it. Later I think she felt bad and asked how much I was suppost to get an hour, I said I had no clue, so I guess she called someone (I *think* Anita) and payed me in cash. Basically, despite my clock in record in the notebook, I wasn't in the computer and therefore I wasn't getting paid. Hello? What the hell? Do they think I work for the tips alone? Um, no. Anyway, I got $63.38 which isn't too bad for 2 non full days of work. But they are getting me so pissed off. AHHHHHH!!!!! Well, I guess the good part is that they don't take out taxes when they pay you in cash so that's not bad. Basically I earned more cause of that, but still.... Why the hell was I not going to be paid unless I asked?

I told her that I was going to be away the next 2 sats, so hopefull she'll tell someone or lucky me will be fired. Oy.

I miss Karen. She actually helped me out last week and was nice, but I got no such help today. Oh well.

Oh. I went to daily racing forum website just to read and I got the ::sarcastic mode on:: wonderful news ::sarcastic mode off:: that Hal's Hope died. Poor boy. I didn't know he was sick. I nearly missed it though. I kinda wish I had. Now I am achy, sore, tired, in pain, and upset. What wonderful feelings.

That's all for now. Better get ready to leave.

Music of the day (how long will it last? An entry? Prolly...)

"Wish I had a river I could skate away on...Make a lot of money and then I'm gonna quit this crazy scene...wish I had a river teach my feet to fly...Oh wish I had a river I could skate away on..."

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