2004-12-01 : 10:34 a.m.
3 Times, damnit!

Current Song: "Run" (live from Edinbourgh) --- Snow Patrol
Current Rant: Fire alarms and rain
Current Obsession: snood

So what did Sarah do last night? Well, I went to work and then I came back and guess what? I got to go outside 3 times!!!! woohooo! Damnit. Fire alarm. 3 fucking times. Damn. First at 11:45, next at 12:00, last at 1:35. AHHHHHH!!! That really ruined my night. Thankfully I was awake for all 3, but why oh why oh why. I honstly was ready to burn to death if the alarm went off a 4th time and it was an actual fire. Ahhhhhh!

So anyway, I just got up, showered, and now I'm sitting here doing nothing, even though I have a shitload of work to do. I have to finish my film critique for writing and comm, read my book for modern russia, study for my id science test, and starting all of the other papers i have due soon would be a good idea. Today was suppost to have been a work all day day, but I have no motivation. Oh couse, i'd better find some because I have to get to the barn today which means tonight isn't a time to be doing massive amounts of work. ahhhh. oh well. damn.

So here I am. I updated once again. Aren't you proud of me my loyal reader, ;) I figured. Oh well.

Oh, my roommates are idiots! Please explain how they managed to determine that Grace was born in 1979. If she turned 24 yesterday... 1980. 4-4=0. So anyway, now the card says 1979 + 1, haha. At least they didn't screw up Erin's card. Now other question, why do 2 of my roommates have the same birthday? Ha.

Well, I should go work or at least do something far more productive as this.

WHY THE HELL IS IT RAINING TODAY???? Rain, rain, go away, come again on Thursday! Actually, don't because that would cancel fireworks!

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