2003-08-23 : 11:26 p.m.
Well I'm here

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Well, here I am. I am in college. Or shall I say orientation? I don't really know what to say about it though. It's all just so strange. I want to be at home, but I know I can't be. I mean I'm doing ok and all, but I'm homesick and just don't like change.

The rooms are so hot. How I wish that we had AC... grr... That said, my roommate is cold so she turned off one fan. Mine is NOT turning off. I'll point it at me all night. Having said that, atleast Kat seems nice enough. We don't actually have anything in common though, well not really, she's one of those people who I'd never actually be friends with if we weren't roommates.

I've met some people but I can't really say I have any friends though. I have talked to people, but no "friends" yet. I'm sure it'll be easier once we start classes, but it's just this orientation stuff makes me real uncomfortable. Well the whole college bit makes me uncomfortable too, but more so this. I just wish it would all end and I could be home for labor day weekend. Well, for now I just settle for it being wednesday after class so that I could head over to Greylyn. I'm comfortable there, not here. Grr...

I managed to change my schedule so now I can go to Greylyn on Wednesdays such that I get there by 4pm. Bruce Keller, who is my new hero, got me out of my M, W, F 4pm into to communications class which is SO FREAKING GREAT so now I can ride! That is after all just as important as class to me if not more so. All I can say is THANK YOU GOD!

I bought my books today and billed a huge $354 to my mom, yes 6 was for my key chain thing, but I needed it for my id and all, but the rest was for my 6 books, all new and paper back as I couldn't find any used. grr. My calc books cost me $105!!! Outrageous! It's PAPERBACK!!!! Dammit. Atleast my mother is paying for my books.

Well, tomorrow hopefully will be ok. It's pretty much empty for most of the day with optional stuff. I have brunch from 9-12 so I don't have to get up early! I'm going to take a Tylanol PM so that I can sleep. I'm going to need to get a bottle when I get home. Mom only gave me 4. Grr.

I want to see the horses! the pictures aren't enough dammit! I've got 4 days till greylyn on Wednesday and don't get to Ryerss till Saturday morning. I'll probably get there bright and early.

I don't like showering here!

I think that Into the Woods should keep me calm tonight sleepwise, plus the meds...

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