2003-01-14 : 9:06 p.m.
wet clay + cold car = bad thing

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Let's pick this up from Saturday.


Mom and I took down the tree and that was sad but other than that, it was a pretty good day. I made too many pizells and wasted the day watching tv, but who cares, wasted days are fun. Eagles played Atlanta and won, 20-6. Yeah Birds! Didn't go to the semi/eagles party, who cares?


Started the day by working on art history and then went to see "Catch Me If You Can" with Susan and Ohnmar. First I went to the Gap and bought pants. Twas a good movie. Came home to eat dinner and finish art history. Watched Alias and went to sleep, well, tried to sleep.


Woke up with a headache and went to school. Felt really sick so I went to the nurse (fake one there mon) and stayed there for english. Tried to call mom but she wasn't there so I left a message and went to meisters. Then I came back but still no call so I got a pass to get out of gym and went back afterwards and got permission to go home. Went and turned in art history and got my clay and left for my car. Placed clay in car trunk and drove home, leaving EVERYTHING in the car. Took meds and slept all afternoon. Woke up and did math with Bondi and went to sleep. Ate dinner and watched a little tv till mom got home and went to bed.

Today (tues)

Woke up sick in the middle of the night probably from the really really strong advil migraine which happens to upset my stomach. Went back to sleep and woke up to tell mom I wasn't going to school. Slept and woke up mid morning and basically relaxed/slept all day. Found out about Seth which I won't get into here and watched tv. Felt better around 12:45 and relaxed the rest of the day. At 7:45 I decide to finish my clay so I get in from the car and it is frozen. It quickly melts and is slimey and everything. Finished with it and hairdryed it trying to get moisture out. It probably will never dry. Shit.

The moral of the story is...

wet clay and cold cars do not mix...especially when the temps are in the low 20s and it's in there for 24+ hours and taken into a 68 degree house.

tomorrow I have a short day and I'm going to leave at 11 so it should be ok.

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