2004-06-12 : 7:17 p.m.
A message from T.B,

Current Song: "still loving you" the scorpions
Current Rant: hand hurts
Current Obsession: blaaah

I hate this thing. Or at least I have having no time and thus not writing in this thing...

Went to graduation with Eunice on Thursday. We are terrible people, that's all that I can say. Good for us.

Terrible person I am. I "yelled" at all the catchers yesterday. Or so I hear. Lol. However, my question is why the fuck do they even ask me questions that I have no authority to answer properly? From now on, I'll answer with exactly what people don't wish to hear.

Anyway, all this has granted me a new nickname! Ain't ya'll proud? I am now T.B. (or rather, The Bitch.) Ain't life good? Lol.

Worked today. Cut my hand on the ice cream case. I am just so talented.

Dinner and other crap to do

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