2003-07-07 : 10:30 p.m.
114.9 Miles???

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could this day have been any worse? putting aside the fact that I was feeling sick ontop of everything else here's the deal.

I left my house at 5:08pm with exactly 25 mi on my tank of gas. When I arrived home for the final time 5 hours later, I had 139.9 mi on my tank. Yes, I put on 114.9 mi in 5 hours when I wasn't driving anywhere near the whole time, didn't actually go anywhere (ie NYC which I could have gone to for that amount of miles...), and was entirely stressed the whole time. Grrr... So I originally went out to find the Acme and Blockbuster out on 100 but missed and instead found myself on 100 till 100 was no more and then 202 when 100 became 202 and then Paoli Pike as it was the first exist off 202 (luckily there was an Acme there...). I called my mom and after much stress, she figured out where I was and got me back to 100N so I could go home. Got home at about 6:45. Left at 7:08pm for viola. Took 23E out to Valley Forge where I managed to lose the road and 15 minutes and finally found 23 again and arrived in Bryn Mawr 4 minutes late for viola. After viola I tried to go back via 23W but never was able to find 23 as I got lost around Croton Rd. After 40 minutes of driving around I found my way back to KOP Rd and took that to 30 to 320 to Conestoga back to 30 again to 401 to 100 to 23 to home. Keep in mind the trip home was hell because my car kept fogging up and nothing helped. I finally had to open up windows and let god awful humid air inside. Also annoying trucks and headlights and brights around me.

All in all, today sucked. Tomorrow better be better. Maybe I'll make it to the horse farm...

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