2002-09-24 : 7:19 p.m.
The love of my life and hell

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Ya know? This week really sucks. It's Tuesday and I'm walking around thinking it's Friday. Will it ever end? Probably not. People like living through hell.

Speaking of hell, I'm proud to have put on the "slackers list" (McBride's new creation for all the "slacker" going on field trips during his class when we can easily go other times... yeah right...) that I'm going to hell! Well, maybe it was I'm going with hell (or hel)to the met. Met meet Hell (it just doesn't work without the extra "l")... Ah the concept. Anyway my point is lost but I am officially a slacker. Slackerism is a good practice.

Math sucks. McBride continues to make fun of us (well, actually Liza) more then he actually teaches. Oy vey. Between that and the "How to be a good student" book.... Will he ever actually teach? Don't think so.

I hate Busza (and Carson who evidently gets mad when people call him Carson).... Gotta make up a class/ the mile tomorrow. Fun fun. I know I'll die but at least then I can sue him! Damn. Shin splints suck. I really have to get to the doctor (a leg doctor!) and see what I can do (not that there is anything to do) or not do. I also have crappy ankles and not so great knees as a result of the ankles... Oy vey. I'm a mess! Really though if I get to the point of hell like pain, I'm stopping and there is nothing he can do about that!

What else? Went to random places today... was interesting. Well, I had to get cleo food so I guess it wasn't random.

Spent far TOOOO much time in the Art Room today. 4th, 5th, 6th, lunch, 7th (crazy Amanda was there plotting to kill people again), as well as 15 minutes after school. oy vey. I did finish my project though! It is crappy but I no care about keys! Water color next! Woohooo! I get to pick what to paint! It'll be Gygistar prolly... Maybe someone from Blood-Horse. No idea actually. It'll be a racer though. Came Home? Or my recently retired baby Pompeii? Or the ever cute Magic Weisner? I don't know! Lol. I love my babies!

My sob story essay needs to be changed cause while it was extremely well written, there is an overly negative tone. Well, what do you expect? Am I ever positive? Hell no.

I'm proud to actually be a loud person though the world thinks I'm quiet. I'm not, honest. Just around 95% of the population. But I am loud. Really.

Signing off.

Ooooh I forgot. I'm in love! What would I do without ginger ale? Ahh. It is the BEST! The love of my life!

"One last call to answer. Feeling full of dispair. Don't think I can get through it. Just one last prayer. It's a leap of faith when you believe someone's out there..."

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