2003-10-31 : 11:07 p.m.
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All I can say is that I'm so fucking exhausted. I'm just warn out. I've driven 355 miles since Monday morning. That is completely wrong. I just don't know what I'm doing. ahh. I need sleep. I really really really need sleep.

I've dealt far too much with rain and mud. Monday and Wednesday at Greylyn could kill me and though if I ride on Friday's as I'm hoping, I may be more awake and such. It's just sometimes so much... That said, I had an unbelieveable lesson on Wednesday. We (Gloria, Nicole, and I) went out to outdoor ring which was sorta cool in the dark and mud. We started with figure eights and then hunter circles and then worked on a cross rail-vertical line. Then spent the rest of the lesson on the coup! I love jumping coups so it was fun! I haven't jumped that in such a long time. Ahh! Finally!

Thursday's lesson with Dee sucked like usual, but Marie mentioned that Amber is petitioning at the end of the season to take over as coach so I'm guessing this may mean her barn will be built in time or something. I'm crossing my fingers! Also, Amber is giving Dee her one month notice Nov 1... tomorrow evidently... and she's taking Zany out of there! yay!!!!

Ryerss on Tuesday was a lot of fun like usual. I think Jenny and Mama are gone though. I didn't see either of them nor did they have stalls. Rest in Peace Girls. As for Jenny, I can't be sad. She needed to go long ago and I'm just glad she out of here. She earned it. As for Mama, if it weren't for her damn breathing problems... ugh. It's just odd not to see her around. I'm gonna actually miss both of them. However, it was their times.

Halloween today. I don't know. Nothing is the same. Nothing at all.

I had a english midterm today which I may have completely blown. We'll see. Calc was awesome though. I laughed far too hard.

I'm glad to be home though. 2 days in a row with drunk people, well, drunk Anne and drunk Nikki, coming in talking was a bit much. I like Anne and Nikki is Nikki, but I don't like hanging out with either of them. Grr. Kat cracked me up with the whole "quit harassing my roommate Anne" bit. Ha. On another note, Kat's sexual identity problems are quite amusing. Getting drunk and hooking up with a guy. Hmmm. She says she'll never get drunk again.

Anyway, LM tomorrow and seeing Yumi and Susan. Yay! Should be fun.

ER was awesome last night, but I miss Carter. I guess seeing him in that movie during intro made up for it slightly, but I still miss Carter, not just Noah.

Breeders' Cup was awesome on Saturday. Yay for Mandella! Congaree is still awesome and how such heart! I still love you Roo! Adoration did amazingly and so did Elloluv! I love Elloluv! Dead heat in the turf! yay! No wins for Frankel! Yay! Ok, mean but true.

I got to stop downloading music. It's just so damn fast! Grrr.

Amusing comments of the week:

"What did you do to yourself?!" Jo Beth

"You cut your hair!" "yes" "Why?" Mike and I

we were meant to live for so much more

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