2002-07-02 : 6:35 p.m.
Actual entry now that this works

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I don't have any idea what I'm actually going to write about so beware of random ramblings!!!

I guess racing for now.

*Congaree's not racing in the Fire Cracker on the 4th at Churchill which isn't that bad. Now I can root for Pyrus and not have to worry about any other of my favorites:) 'Cept for Ally's Ally but I don't mind rooting against him. Amelia better get pics for me at Churchill...

*Spain's been retired. Accoring to Lucas "I think they took the position that adding on to the (earnings) record is nice, but it really has no significance (on her breeding career) and, God forbid, something would happen to her. There were no more worlds to conquer, it looked like. So they were just comfortable with sending her to the farm." I like Spain though she's never been a favorite of mine, like Pompeii (such a sweet horse), Unbridled Elaine (so pretty), and even Atilier (though I really don't know to much about her, but I have a pretty picture from BC '01). "She had a great career," Lukas said. "We'll always think we should have won both Breeders' Cup races. It was terrible that we got beat that second time as well as she ran. It was probably one of the best races of her life and she was second." "Course I don't agree since Elaine's my baby. Only wish she wasn't injured:( Poor Laine... But, ELAINE FOAL NEXT YEAR!!! WAHOO!!!

*Baffert says War is ready to run. Baffert always says his horses are ready to run...

*Cashier's Dream died after surgery:( I hate illness and death. Poor horse. All of them that have died in the past several years. May the run with angels' wings.

*DRF's not happy 'cause horses keep withdrawing or scratching from Belmont stakes races... Buddha's out of his race cause of a cough. I'd rather them be scratched then race ill or injured, thank you very much!

*Proud Citizen's prolly out for the year. Hope he's healthy next year!!

*It's so hot and humid outside! I hate it!!! At 4:30 it was about 95 according to AOL and now it is...wow. Large difference, 94F... Tomorrow it should be hotter and Thursday should be the hottest. yuck.

that's all for now. Mom's home. Probably should finish scanning this roll of derby pics. she's mad. what else is new??

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