2002-08-28 : 11:02 p.m.
Sir Howard is a good boy!

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Howie is such a good boy! He got 1st at Radnor this weekend! Wahoo! Go Howie! He points his feet when when he trots too! He's so cute! And so friggin' tall! I dismounted and it was like, "where the hell is the ground?!?" but I survived. As good of a boy he is, he was being a real pain! He didn't want to trot and wanted to cut corners and such. It was raining so we were inside and we survived. Barb was in a bad mood and kept yelling at us all. Between that and Howie and all the other horses, everyone was in a bad mood. Probably the rain.

Aunt Helen took me to my lesson 'cause mom had a shower to go to. Gary came, but first we ate dinner. It was pretty amusing and that guy just cracks me up! Seriously, we could barly eat we were all laughing so hard. But he insulted ER so I got mad a him. When will people learn that if you insult ER, I consider you to be evil. After my lesson we went out for ice cream in Paoli. People were there from dum dee dum dum.... Band Camp! Taking over the whole place!

Tucker really isn't as bad as the world claims he is. He didn't bite me, UNLIKE MALIBU!

Mom's in a bad mood. Fun, fun.

No more else to say I don't think.

"...And may sunshine and happiness surround you when you're far from home. And may you grow to be proud, dignified and true. And one to others as you'd have done to you. Be corageous and be brave and in my heart you'll always stay forever young..."

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