2003-12-08 : 10:56 p.m.
a brief tale of my hate towards the world

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I'm too lazy to re-type everything so here is the general idea:

Shortkatt: i hate josie!!!

bluelane19: what's wrong?

bluelane19: of horsie farm?

Shortkatt: i work on mondays at greylyn for josie and wednesday's for barb

Shortkatt: i was only doing wed before, but josie asked me at the end of october if i could do mondays too

Shortkatt: only for a few hours

bluelane19: uh huh...

Shortkatt: i agreed telling her that i had a viola lesson in bryn mawr at 8pm and that i needed to leave before 7:30, she agreed.

Shortkatt: the first week she kicked me out at 7:05

Shortkatt: all was well

Shortkatt: that lasted a week

bluelane19: uh oh..

Shortkatt: i got out at 7:35 the next week

Shortkatt: then 7:30

bluelane19: not liking this...

Shortkatt: i realized that if i left at 7:30 i'd be 5 minutes late (if i speed)

Shortkatt: so i told her 7:25

Shortkatt: I ended up leaving at... 7:30. so I told her 7:20

Shortkatt: I have left at 7:35

Shortkatt: tonight i said 7:15 at the latest I needed to be out of there, she said ok

Shortkatt: the lesson ran over by 5 minutes. then i had to put a halter on S'more

Shortkatt: then she told me to brush Kenzie and Eclipse and blanket Kenzie.

Shortkatt: i did.

Shortkatt: 7:15

Shortkatt: she told me to take out Scooby.

Shortkatt: I did. 7:20.

Shortkatt: (keep in mind i told her several times past 7 that I really didn't have time)

bluelane19: right.

Shortkatt: She told me to go take up Barney and S'more (the far field) I told her I need to leave, then.

bluelane19: isn't there anyone else around to do these things?

Shortkatt: She said, just bring them up and then run to your can

Shortkatt: i realized i wasn't getting out of it so i brought them up

Shortkatt: but we had to go the far way because of snow and ice

Shortkatt: so i got them up, and ran back down through the snow and ice

Shortkatt: and left

Shortkatt: 7:44

bluelane19: omg

Shortkatt: as i was bringing them up she told me we really needed to deal with the tack

Shortkatt: grr

bluelane19: where is her respect for you and your schedule?

Shortkatt: I told her so many damn times that I needed to leave.

bluelane19: is there anyone else to do these things?

Shortkatt: i was late to viola, like usual. got a 15 minute lesson.

Shortkatt: i paid for 30.

Shortkatt: in the past month and a half, based on the minutes i've missed I have basically missed 2.5 lessons

Shortkatt: I am paying for these myself.

Shortkatt: I was helping cause she asked and said whenever i had to leave was fine.

Shortkatt: yeah right.

Shortkatt: there usually are other people there doing what I'm doing, but they always leave early (6:30ish) and no one else is doing my job at 7

Shortkatt: josie refuses to allow the schoolies to have to sit aroud and wait before they go out which is nice for them, but damn, i have to leave!

Shortkatt: My frustration isn't through though

bluelane19: uh oh.

Shortkatt: at 6:00, she untacks Apache and tells me he's done so I can take him out. I do. I look at the list when I get back and who do i need for 7pm? Forsooth, Fergie, APACHE. So i tell her that and she apologizes and tells me just to wait till 10 minutes before 7 and go out and get him again.

bluelane19: okay....

Shortkatt: luckily i talked to Robin who was going to use him and she said we could use Malibu instead, but still...

Shortkatt: so before i talked to Robin I was heading to the tack room to bring in saddles and I see a car at first i think i see barb and mike, but then i think its not them so i keep walking. of course it was (but I was ready to kill josie so i was distracted) so next thing I hear is Barb yelling at me saying something like "don't say hi to us, we understand, you can only talk to us on wednesdays"

Shortkatt: I'm telling you, i love Barb and Mike, they make things so much more fun

Shortkatt: and then there is Josie...

bluelane19: yea for Barb and Mike

Shortkatt: grrr

bluelane19: boo for josie

Shortkatt: anyway, I'll talk to Barb on Wednesday and see what she says, but the first thing i'm telling Josie next monday is that if I can't get out of there when I need to get out of there, I quit. plain and simple. she gets one more week and then that is it.

Shortkatt: ugh.

Shortkatt: it just was a crappy day and josie really made it worse

Shortkatt: of course, we must remember that I'll be harassed continuously on wednesday for not saying hi... haha. oh well, i'

bluelane19: sorry sawry

Shortkatt: ll probably

Shortkatt: be late cause of exams though it's ok with barb as i do far more than anyone else.

Shortkatt: oh! I feel appreciate!

bluelane19: go barb!

and the suicide story:

Shortkatt: did i tell you about the suicide comments last wed?

bluelane19: no

bluelane19: sounds interesting

Shortkatt: ok I was taking someone up, don't remember who, rushing as i was the only one there

Shortkatt: barb was going over the schedule and mike was doing nothing as usual

Shortkatt: so he decides that I need to have a bad day

bluelane19: creative mike

Shortkatt: he asks me if I'm depressed and need to be yelled at (since i happened to mention once that Dee, arcadia coach, is evil and yells a lot at me)

Shortkatt: I decide to agree to being depressed after "denying it" once

bluelane19: Dee is evil

Shortkatt: so he tells me the holidays are hard for many people

Shortkatt: (and yes this is very random)

Shortkatt: I say "sure"

Shortkatt: and that people are often depressed and have a hard time with it

Shortkatt: then he tells me not to kill myself because I can't cope with it all

bluelane19: yep

Shortkatt: i say sure

Shortkatt: so he goes on to tell me that he knows i'm having a hard time, but it will all be ok

Shortkatt: I can quit school, rent a stall from Rachel, and become a full time catcher

bluelane19: yea!

Shortkatt: but I shouldn't kill myself

bluelane19: no sarry no.

Shortkatt: then barb jumps in and pleads for me not to kill myself

Shortkatt: i say ok

bluelane19: yea barb! common sense gal

Shortkatt: then mike adds that if i kill myself i can't catch

bluelane19: that's true

Shortkatt: and barb tells me that she'll kill me if I kill myself

Shortkatt: but, if i'm going to kill myself, i need to make sure I train someone to do my job as well as i do.

Shortkatt: so that is the "suicide" story. ah, i feel appreciatd!

bluelane19: you are appreciated!

Shortkatt: but I love how for some random reason it was determined that i was going to commit suicide...

Ah so anyway, do i have anymore stories or complaints? I'm not really sure.

Well, i got so frustrated with people last wednesday night. I was there by myself for a long time through mike was helping me, and then we ended up going up to catch Malibu and Barney. Malibu was being a bitch so we decided on Diamond, but she was being a bitch too so we gave up. Then Hannah showed up and finally Allison showed up. At 6, everyone disappeared leaving me to do every damn thing. Tack up, untack, blanket 2 horses, get tack, put away tack, and clean tack. I was ready to kill them all...

Steph's mom bought us all hot drinks which was really nice, but why the fuck was I the only person in this land who can throw away an empty cup? Is it really that damn hard? I guess so! So i ended up throwing away everyones cups at the end of the night after they all left. I cleaned the rest of the tack and straightened up. God I was so mad. As was Barb as evidently someone spilled coffee on her paperwork... grrr. people suck. yes i'm also anal about stuff like that, but grrrrr. the world sucks.

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