2003-01-23 : 12:54 p.m.
god she's a bitch!!!!

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Ugh! 2 exams down, 1 to go. Math wasn't actually bad, in fact might I venture to say it was VERY fair? English was another story as a result of my crappy thesis that wasn't actually proved. Oh well... We'll block that one from our heads...

Went riding last night and was on Innuendo again and she was such a bitch! God that horse was such a prima donna... she hasn't acted that bitchy in a REALLY long time.

So here's the deal. We get her from her stall and she's got her ears back at us..what I sign of her *wonderful* mood. UGh! Then I get to the ring to adjust the sturrups and they are SOO long and on the shortest whole (lets say that they were twice as long as my arms... where the hell did that saddle come from?). So after we wrapped the stirrups, I got on and she was even MORE pleasent. AHHH!!! So we got to start by posting without stirrups and then jumping position without. Fun. Then we trotted around and Innuendo got pissed off at a pony, well, not just any pony, Barney. I love Barney! He's such a bum. Anyway, her ears go way back (she likes her space and he was a quarter of the ring away) and she kicks a bit and tries to chase after him and attack. I'm telling you, this lesson kept getting better and better. Lol. So I kick her and force her back on the rail and she gets even more mad at me. Fun. So we're ok for a bit unless other people are stupid and get to close behind me. Oh yeah, she freaked when we went but the gate to the barn because a saddle pad was on the ground. Innuendo kicking isn't fun. Then we were trotting over cavaletti and weaving in and out of cones. This is where the real trouble starts. Lol. Other than the fact that she hated doing it, she was too lazy to pick up her feet. Without the reigns was hell but we got through it. Then we were cantering over them and she freaked again and I admit I didn't help the first time, but the second time her bitchy mood shone through. We start cantering and she takes off at a gallop towards the jumps so I get her back to a canter and Josie has me stop her on the long side. She got pissed as hell 'cause I didn't come off her back and was kicking but we stop and I make her stand for 10 seconds and then she'sbacking up and freaking again so we stand again and finally trot forward calmly (as she once again plots how she can get me off her back lol) and once we get to the gate at the front she starts half bucking and kicking again. Twas fun. Then she gets even more mad that I make her stand but the wall. Lol. So next time we walk forward and walk over the poles and then trot to the fence. Did it twice, but not because Innuendo wanted to. She was such a bitch last night. Man it was bad. Though she said I did a great job controlling her. Needless to say, the bitch went back to her prima donna stall carrotless. I can't wait till she lives outside again. She's so much sweeter living outside and lacks her prima donna-esque attitude. Spring, COME!!!!!

Oh, on the math midterm directions, we were told:

No calculator

No turning exam in early

No leaving the room

No notes

No talking

No whining

You gotta love the last one. Typical McBride...

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