2002-10-26 : 11:13 a.m.
The take of a misspelled Flyer and a pretty grey and the heart of all hearts, Came Home.

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AHHH! Breeders' Cup today!!!! Final picks not that anyone cares...


Farda Amiga-Imperial Gesture-Take Charge Lady

I really want a dead heat for first, though that probably won't happen. Farda is awesome and Gesture may tire at the end. It's going to be a day for the three year olds!

Juvenile Fillies

Storm Flag Flying-Ruby's Reception-Appleby Gardens

Flag will probably win and I don't really know any of the others, but man! Ruby is BEAUTIFUL! Pic is of her!


Rock Of Gibraltar-Forbidden Apple-Del Mar Show

Rocky is AWESOME! He is The Rock. I still like Apple though and I've seen Del Mar Show and I like him more than the others.


Wake At Noon-Xtra Heat-Orientate-Kona Gold-Swept Overboard-Carson Hollow-Kalookan Queen-Disturbingthepeace-Touch Tone-Day Trader

Ok, that is nearly the whole 13 horse field. Lol. Really though, I love Wake At Noon and he is going to be out classed but I can't be the one who out classes him! Xtra is... I love her too! She'll beat the boys! Orientate is good, Kona should win it for the old guys AND it's his fifth straight BC Sprintl and well Swepty is good and I just couldn't leave out most of the rest. You can stick to my top 4.

Filly & Mare Turf

Golden Apples-Banks Hill-Starine

Not much to say about this race. Banks Hill is so good, but it will be a soft turn probably and she's never run on it. She may even be scratched...


Bull Market-Whywhywhy-Toccet

Yes Bull Market is a Baffass horse so he will probably be ruined soon, but he has HEART! OMG! His last race he fought back and nearly regained the lead at the wire and lost by a nose. Whywhywhy has done nothing wrong and should be there and Toccet is a good horse, though he didn't beat all that much last time, but he is a misspelled Flyer. Tocchet, lol.


With Anticipation-High Chaparral-The Tin Man

Small 8 horse field. With Anticipation is good even though he had a crappy race last time out and I want him to win! High Chaparral is probably the best in the field and The Tin Man has a cool name.


Came Home-Medaglia d'Oro-Evening Attire-Harlan's Holiday

I had to pick 4 cause I couldn't leave Harlan out of it! Came Home is going to blow the field away and prove EVERYONE wrong! His doubters are going to... He'll win (or not, but he's my heart). Medaglia is good but like CH is off of a layoff and he is a Frankel horse and I am sick of Bobby! Evening Attire, great last time out! He'll have something to say. Harlan is just Harlan! He is a good, hard knocking colt and he won the PA Derby! PA Pride! Woohoo!

Anyway, Came Home is going to beat the hell out of all the other horses and be named Horse of the Year (aka HOTY)! Go Came Home! Now, will I be covering my eyes and ears or actually watching? Hmmm...

"I'm not saying/there wasn't nothing wrong/I just didn't think you'd every get tired of me/I'm not saying/we every had the right to hold on/I just didn't wanna let it get away from me/but if that's how it's gonna leave/straight out from underneath/then we'll see who's sorry now..."

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