2002-10-08 : 5:14 p.m.
Goodbye Left Bank.

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A somewhat good day just became rather crappy. grr.

Before I get to that, I thought I'd mention that all the good horses with the exception of Take Charge Lady, didn't actually do well... Heart came in dead last, Christmas Away (skippy baby like Heart) came in dead last, Balto did horribly, though Sandy was 4th I think.

Yeah so today. Oy. English was amusing. We somehow were reading a poem and then got to Bush being evil to cults to the snipper to the fact that america can be just as bad as a snipper. Real strange, but a good class nonetheless. Then it was community and we lucked out with another fire drill... I had a free and did math in the cafeteria and talked to Michelle and Cher for part of the period. Then art history. Then math which was amusing. Got quizes back. Me=B, then got grade slips and I actually have a B! Got an A- on the test too! Woohoo!

After school I took Susan to the library and stopped to get an application from Great Harvast... My mother ruined my day by going on and on that I should forget about the hours I work and just get a job so that I will have no spare time. It doesn't matter if I work 309235823958 hours a week, I need to work. AHHHH!!!!!

Just found out that Left Bank died from surgery complications. ::sobs:: Poor boy. He was such a great horse and I'll miss him so much. Rest in peace. ::cries harder::

"...A moment like this, some people wait a life time..."

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