2003-08-07 : 9:10 a.m.
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Well, what is there to say?

Not much actually. Well, there is but that requires typing and motivation and I'm lazy.

Ryerss has been going ok. There are too many volunteers so they may have to do something about it. I understand but at the same time I hate the idea of not being able to go everyday. There are some highly annoying people there... Sarah and Lorie for example as well as the little brats Stephanie and Shannon. Grr... There all the main reason for the whole issue with volunteers. I think I'm not the problem as Jo Beth seems to like me and people have said she appreciates my help and such. I asked if I could come today but she said no problem. I guess it'll all work out. Plus she seemed very happy that I got my parking permit approved. So that's all good. Who knows? I'm not going to sit here and analyze it all. I really can't do that. Grr.

As for Greylyn, I'm officially a catcher. I work off my lessons starting next week. So that's good too. I was so tired yesterday. First one there at 4pm, tacked up Willy (first horse to do myself! Go me! well, I didn't do his bridle to be fair, but I did Barney's to make up for it). Then we gathered tack and I went and caught Huggy just to find out from Tara that her person came earlier, she never changed the list and thus he wasn't needed. Then I went and caught Innuendo way down at the Peppermill, aka Cribber's Corner. Basically the furthest paddock from us. Grr. I get way to the end because that's where they were just to have her take off at a dead gallop. Ran to the other side by the gate, caught her (cribbing no less. haha), ran her up, tacked her up, helped with Rickey (who is leased by the way, not that Tara cared...), then Girlfriend, rode, untacked, cooled out, pulled poop, cleaned up, cooled out Girlfriend, sat while she cooled out as she ate from the table and basically found out I'm out of training and thus catching next week. woohoo.

I need to go pack lunch and eat breakfast. There better not be a million people there today or else...

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