2005-02-18 : 1:38 a.m.
the lock thing

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ya know, this year is so different than last. i'm comfortable in my dorm room which is nice. i have actual conversations with roommates which is nice too. Yay!

Anyway, quick little update before i take nyquil to counteract the dayquil from earlier.

Last year we never locked the dorm door. it just didn't happen. It was because the door automatically locked when you closed it unless you unlocked it on the handle. so that's what we did to prevent lock outs. Of course, i hated that because anyone could just walk in. of course, i really didn't have much of a say. Grrr.

Anyway, this year we only lock the door if no one is in the room or if grace decides to become paranoid and locks it when changing.

anyway, the brief point of this all is because there are 6 of us, the door is usually always unlocked. usually someone is always in there. However, one would think it'd be easy to determine who was in the room and who wasn't. Evidently not. I got back from class in the am and went to sleep. Erin came back sometime after me and went to sleep too. Grace was asleep and woke up at somepoint and left. Kalyn and Katie (and Paul) were up earlier and left. So when I woke up, Erin was the only one there. Then Erin left and Grace came back. Kalyn came back and Grace left and then Lauren came back. Lauren told me some story about sleep and her plan to just sleep in a friend's room until she realized she didn't have her broadway musicals notebook so she had to waste time and come back to the room when she could have been sleeping, but that she was going to sleep now. Anyway, Lauren sleeps and Erin comes in and then Lauren (down the hall) comes in then they both leave. I leave to go get lunch before class and then I go to Broadway musicals and Lauren asks me if she locked me out. I looked at her like she was crazy and she gave me some story about locking the door when she left for class and realized that I might not have left for class and maybe i was in the bathroom or something. Anyway, she said she left for class, turned off the light, and locked the door and then realized about me when she saw me in class. I told her she didn't lock me out, but she likely locked Kalyn in. Turns out Kalyn was still in the room, drawing a self portrait of class, and the lights went out and the door locked when Lauren left. She was confused about the lights and didn't realize about the door till she tried to leave. Ah, isn't it wonderful that with 6 people in a room, we're still not always sure when someone is in the room?

that said, Grace got pissed off at ppl last night. I went to bed super early (1030ish) because i'm sick though it was really loud in the room. I figured everyone was awesome on Tuesday by keeping the lights off all day being that they were killing my head that i couldn't complain. Anyway, evidently at 1215 Grace, who had been trying to sleep, stood up and told everyone she couldn't take it anymore, it was after midnight and just to shut the tvs off and shut up and the light was going off. They did. Yay Grace! Now we have a rule, big light off at midnight, shut up at midnight, but it's not inforced. why have rules when they're not inforced? Me on the other hand was sound asleep thanks to nyquil. nyquil is my friend. that and super ibuprofen! haha. ib800! Yay! no i'm not addicted.

that's all i'm saying. yesterday was a crappy day at the barn. katie needs brain surgery. i missed a hell of a lot of class this week. goodnight

oh well, glad to be home.

might get car back tomorrow, yay and nay. i love my mom's car!

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