2003-02-17 : 6:47 p.m.
the snow has come

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Too much snow though not as much as '96 which really sucks... We're actually closed tomorrow! ::faints of shock:: wow. I guess Radnor administration decided to be smart for once! My car's stuck in 4ft snow drifts and it'll take hours to get out. I've managed to clear all snow from ontop and lowered the 5 ft in front of it to about 1ft (ice though) but I still have much to do... tomorrow. Needa get gas too or else I'll never get anywhere.

nothing else really happened today... pretty useless but that's how holidays should be. Talked to Yumi for awhile but that was it. Needa finish my art project too... and english essays... and math I haven't done... oy vey.

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