2003-10-06 : 4:25 p.m.
Another recap

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Like usual, I cannot keep up with this to save my life. I really don't know where to start so I guess I'll just start somewhere and go on from there. With all likelihood I should just start with the horses because they are really all that is important.

Last Tuesday I went to Ryerss like I usually do on my Tuesdays. I can't say I did all that much other than stand around and talk to people, but at one point Lisa, Emily, and I went out to do a heard check so we get up there cookies in hand to do our check. Half way though it we realize that we have 9 horses to bring in and no halters so we call off the check to go back in. HOWEVER this is not before I go and run and see my Dancer! Haha. Anyway, I start walking to him because he IS staring at me with that lip. haha. too cute! Anyway I am only about half way there when he starts grunting and snorting and nickering to me. ahh! he had never done that to me before! Anyway, I gave him cookies and he game me kisses before I ditched him and headed back up the hill to the truck and back to the barn. On the way back out, I was walking next to Emily and asked her how everyone was for Steve the previous week and she said pretty good except Dancer swished his tail and it hit Steve in the face... haha. Anyway he gives his usual shpeal (shpeal? however you spell it) and starts yelling and Dancer. Well, Jo Beth freaks out at him and starts yelling at him about how THIS IS DANCER and he DOES NOT yell at that horse. He has not done anything wrong... Ahhh! Go Jo Beth! And poor Dancer for having to endure Steve... bleh.

On Wednesday I had Greylyn like usual and it ended up only being Hannah and me catching so Barb told me I could ride at 8 so I did. That lesson turned out to be a group and it was much fun. I was on Forsothe and everyone else was good (well, Mike was Mike..) so we first did the usual line and crap and then we did a rollback to a vertical followed by a single vertical and then a broken line. Finally we ended with a mini course which was a lot of fun. It was a VERY good lesson! After my lesson I cooled out Forsothe and then picked up the ring and stuff. Barb helped out by sweeping up and then I left as it was after 9:30 and I needed to be at school for a meeting at 10. Not going to happen. Anyway I got to the castle by 10:30 and was there for almost an hour. Tired on a jacket and stuff and found out more things about Sunday's show.

On Thursday I rode with Dee and actually did NOT get yelled at! I was on Zany this time rather than Stuffy and Zany is awesome! haha. I love him! He's Amber's horse. I also got COMPLIMENTED! Yay me!

This Saturday I spent the afternoon at Ryerss. I really didn't feel like doing stalls as I've just been so damn tired lately so I got there just after 1pm. Jo Beth was off for a couple days so Jimmy was there. I again didn't do much though it was sorta fun. Melissa and Kaitlyn were there so all was good. At some point we went and did a heard check. Kaitlyn and I were stuck in the back of the truck though... gahh. I got the same reaction from Dancer as last time which is amazing! Except this time he followed me around for a while which was even better. I love my Dancer!!!! YAY!!! Anyway on the way back after trying to through us out of the truck earlier, Jimmy tried to kill us. Accelerated very quickly and Kaitlyn and I went flying, crashing into the back of the truck. Thanks Jim... gaah.

Yesterday was my first show! I left at 6am and got to school by 7. We ended up at the farm at 9 and then they dealt with paperwork. I was in the walk trot class then they thought about walk trot canter and then there were not enough scratches so i was stuck in walk trot or so I thought. Halfway through the show someone scratched and back to walk trot canter I was! I wasn't until the 3rd to last class so I more or less sat around with people all day and such. Mom arrived right after I got changed and she tried to help me with my hair, but it didn't work so Amber did it. Then I waited and finally got to mount. I was on a cute chestnut with white splotches on his belly. He was tired as he had been used alot. We get into the ring and Dee yells at me that my helmet is NOT approved so I freak out but keep it on since it was all I had and we all hope no one notices (or that it IS approved as we all thought...) so I start walking and trotting when I hear "stop the class" so we walk again and they pull Acacia from the ring (not sure why. I think her horse was acting up or something...) and then we trot before they stop the class and pull out another person. Then there is an anouncement about certain numbers needing to go to the secretary stand so I pray it's not me... then we walk and then canter which I did pretty well doing. Then change directions and walk trot canter before we line up against the judges. No one comes in with ribbons (the only class for that not to happen...) but they announce the results. I was third! Beating the only other arcadia student there who was 4th and whoever else was in the class. So much for being a last minute upgrade... haha. Anyway everyone said I did really well and I got my yellow ribbon and stuff so that was good too. Anyway we took pictures and stuff and headed back to school where I got my car and drove back home. I ate dinner, finished a paper, took a bath, and TRIED to watch Alias without success and fell asleep at 9:30. I woke up this morning at 7 and finished the last half of Alias before going to school. I nearly didn't pay my toll but that is a complete other story based on confusion and 2 toll windows in my lane. don't ask. ok?

Today was ok though long and boring. I had intro to communications then sat and watched ER. I then had english lit which was again too long and then calc which dragged on as well. I got a 90% on my calc midterm so that was good. That leads me up to now as I sit in my room on the comp with the door closed because I don't want to deal with people. My stomach really hurts and I don't want to be here. Oh well. I feel really bad about Yom Kippur, but that is another story. I figure after dinner I'll leave really early for viola and stop at Borders for an hour or so. I figure that'll work well. Then I'll head back here to hell. Tomorrow I'll head home and to Ryerss after english and spend the rest of the day there before going back to school late evening. I have laundry and stuff to do anyway.

So that's all. Maybe I won't have to keep recaping because all I do is recap which rarely leaves time for the present. I need to go find a jacket for riding as Erin moved up in classes and now is in my class. As I was using her jacket, I'm kinda stuck. Oh well. more money to spend. I still need tall boots, but until I find a pair, the crappy half chaps kinda work.

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