2002-09-10 : 4:52 p.m.
Much ado about nothing

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It's been awhile. I don't have any idea when I last wrote in this thing, but I figure I'd better write something or this will stay empty forever.

Wow. It's Tuesday. It feels like Friday. Long week that just started. What a nightmare!

Bush isn't the only one who says stupid things. Dr. Baker told us we were having a 9/11 celebration on Wed. WTF? Then again he is an idiot...

Magic Weisner has west nile virus. He's improving though so I'm hoping he'll be ok. He gave me a scare. I love my baby. Him and Came Home this year.

What to say?

School. The hell that it is. I hate it. I hate being back. I hate getting up. Most of all I hate being in a routine. They suck.

Genetics is ok. Typical Mrs. Wy class. Watching Gatica right now. Ethan Hawke, Jude Law.... It's pretty good, but I'd HATE it if that was our life!

English. Pretty good class. My class is intelligent! Or, intilligent as Susan says. Bunch of smart people and no real athletes! Though everyone is QUIET! WTF? We split into groups and no one talked. We have conversations and very few people talk. Bizarre. Mrs. Finkel's a pretty good teacher.

Meisters. The Shrek song joins the ranks of Jambo, Jambo and Shut the Do. Plus the drug addicts patriotic satute is back. Beh. Got "selected" to go and sing at Villanova... In otherwords, I have no choice.

Gym. Class sucks. 6 girls if that and bunched of imature people.

Art minor. Dropped Gov so I got this class... New teacher who must think I'm a freshman... No friends. Bunches of little people. The freshman who sits across from me, Chelsea someone talks to me though.

AP Art History. Class is awesome. Small, but good. Very little to say though. Need to do reading. Test on Friday.

7th is FREEE!!!!

A. Pre-calc. I'm lost already. Tis hard. McBride isn't the greatest teacher. Class is amusing though. Goes by quickly though. Today, some announcement during the class, ya know, "please excuse this interuption..." McBride screams "NO" and the speaker. Amusing class but I could do without bunches of it.

That's all. Have to go somewhere as soon as mom gets home.

I'm thinking that I should be changing my diary layout. Once I get time I'll start looking.

I completely wasted my time today. Felt like doing nothing when I got home so I didn't. No classes tomorrow. Genetics (which I miss for an appointment) and meisters and free and free. Fun fun.

Nothing left to say. I can't wait for new season shows to start. If school has to be in session then I atleast can get TV.

Watching toooooo many soaps, but what can I say, I MISS not being home to watch them so the least I can do is tape them.

This week I really have to work on my grad project. I've got a 3 page outline. Uh oh. No details in that too. Yikes!

"Everywhere" makes me cry still!

"...'Cause you're all I want, you're all I need, you're everything, everything. Well how can I stand here with you and not moved by you? Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?"

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