2003-09-02 : 4:51 p.m.
I want to go home!

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Grrr.... I am feeling so lazy right now. I didn't manage to understand any of my math homework so hopefully I'll actually get it after we go over it in class tomorrow. All I can say is thank god I get to go to Greylyn tomorrow. I need to see familiar faces and even more than that, I just need to be around the horses and to ride and to get away from here. (side note: that calender is REALLY bothering me. Atleast before it wasn't mounted to the wall, it is now. and it slightly obstructs the doorway. Grr.. It just really bugs me.) I just want to get away from here.

So I headed out to Bryn Mawr today to hit Staples as I didn't feel like finding a store around here and getting lost. Plus I needed to get away again. All I ever need to do is get away. I want the window openned but Kat keeps closing it. It may be cool with it open, but it's just so damn stuffy with it closed. That said, I'm also hot and now have a headache that has resulted from the stuffiness. Grr...

Yeah what else? I had English comp today and man is that class boring. I don't think I can stomach a whole entire year of that class (101 in the fall and 102 in the spring. HELP ME!!!) and there is no way to get out of it all! AHHHHH!!!!!

I just attempted all my math homework and I don't get ANY OF IT! I have concluded that there is a teacher far worse than McBride. That would be my scary as hell professor Carlos Ortiz. HELP ME! I so need a portable Mr. Bondi! And I need one ASAP! Gaahhh!

Oh god am I bored! I want this week to end ASAP and I know that's such awful thinking when its only just begun but I'm not enjoying school or atleast the whole living at school thing. I get through the week but I'm so glad to be able to go home. I just am not happy with the people here.

Well, I guess I should go find something better to do like my english lit homework but I'm sure that'll get pushed back until after dinner. I can't seem to motivate myself to do work. I'm going to try though.

Oh, before I forget I have an interesting experience that I left out of my entry yesterday. After leaving Philly Park I couldn't find my way back to the PA Turnpike so i kept driving for several miles and these scary black guys pull up next to me and start honking their horn. I look over trying to figure out whats going on and man did they scare me. They tried to get me to roll down the window to talk (their window was down) but I didn't and starred right ahead which caused them to honk more... god that was a long light. AHHHH!!!! In the mean time, here are some pictures I found from the BC site: Tempera (such an awesome shot. Rest in Peace, girl)

My beautiful Unbridled Elaine
She isn't Pompeii, but I wasn't obsessed with Peii either at that point. I miss Peii... Well, Go ELAINE toO! Ahhh! It's ARTAX!!! Go Artie!
Daylami was BEAUTIFUL! Damn!

One of Cat Thief's few wins! haha. he was always around though...

Pat Day on Awesome Again! haha! I remember that race so well!
Countess Diana was pretty too!
Last but not least....
...The ever great SKIP AWAY!

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