2003-04-13 : 5:52 p.m.
Does this entry ever end? No.

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I'm finally updating. ::falls over and faints:: Changed the image too, but I'm changing it again once I find something that fits better.

Yeah so what's been going on? Nothing really. Spring break is finally here. I can now offically kill all sleeping patterns that I had, get rid of my "daylights saving jag" and destroy any ability to wake up on time once its back to hell, err, school. Last week showed that any care I actually had towards school no longer exists. I just don't care. I have no motivation. nothing. nada.

Yeah so lets start back with Monday (which feels like a lifetime ago). It snowed. Its so strange to walk out to the parking lot after school and see everyone cleaning the snow off the cars (wait! Was this last monday? I guess so). So much for spring. thanks mother nature. Anyway had math and then viola. Pointless day like most of the rest. Actually, venturing out to Ace Hardware to get contact paper during my free was probably the high point of the day. In the snow. Some guy wished me a merry christmas. What else? I got an 'A' on my Heart of Darkness test. For not having read the book, that is quite amusing. I love not reading books that I should be reading. I WILL read The Bean Tress atleast I'll consider reading it.

Tuesday consisted of nothing important as far as I can recall. Nothing happened I guess. Had gym and art and got my entire hand cut up because of glass. Ahh the joy. That's actually all that I can remember. Oh yeah. I drove Susan to the library because I needed to return a book. Talk about exciting. The library STILL cannot find my book thank you very much. Yeah then I watched American Idol with my mother. I know, you'd think that this would be an all time low, but it isn't. Bwahaha.

Wednesday was pointless. Dr. Kauffman in Bioethics was the educational high of my day. Then a key club meeting. Oh yeah, day of silence too. Sadly when our president can't talk we accomplished oh so much more. Very amusing meeting, but man we actually got SOMETHING done as well as ANOTHER something or TWO. WOW! Shock of all shocks. Can we tape Meg's mouth shut all the time? We'd get a lot done. Sorry. Meisters. Went into the auditorium with piano guy. got ridiculed for being an alto. What else is new? We did get a five minute break (WTH did that come from? I'm not questioning it though. haha) and I wandered once around the school with Emily. Then more riduling. Grr. Oh yeah, there was the yoga video... This is sad what I talk about when I have nothing to say. I need a new life. Then lunch and the debate during fifth free. I'm not going into that one. Oh well. Then 7th free so I went home. It was raining... bleh. Then riding. Josie is gone and I actually miss her teaching. Ugh. New person Kendra? Kandice? Who ever. She's got a cool accent though. Southern accent with a touch of britishness. She sucks though. Very proper. We start by lining up and listen to her blab about all the things that remind me of why I hate stuck up riding people (there worse than the radnor people!), then we trotted around like 2 or 3 times and got to rest. We then jumped over a trotting pole and the lowest X in history (only 2 or 3 times). Innuendo got yelled at for cribbing. Poor mare. She's such a bitch and if cribbing makes her happy, crib away. But no cribbing is allowed. Grr. Then she talked some more and we got off and left. I paid $35 to do NOTHING. She gets another week or two to actually let us do something before I leave and quit this class and find another barn. I really miss Tara and Barb especially. Barb was the greatest. I miss my old class (the cheering (Janice), the laughs, the insults from Mike, the support, the knowledge (NANCY! and Stacey did an ok job taking over), blaming everything on Roz for not paying attention. Man! Those were the days). Oh yeah, did I mention that she implied that I hadn't been alive for the 17-18 years she's been teaching? GRRRR. In 30 years I'll be happy I look young thank you very much. Damn you. Went home, got ice cream (don't ask), watched American Idol finals (bye Rickey), watched West Wing rerun, and went to bed.

Thursday was a normal crappy Thursday. Computer lab for english. Studied for art history test just to have her tell us we're taking it at home. An amusing math class. That was all. Madrigals after school. Patty joined. Just shoot me know. I don't remember how I spent the rest of that day. Doing nothing I guess.

Friday was actually a good day. We had the Art History trip and trips for that class are so much fum and quite amusing. Went to the Barn's Foundation (in our ghetto van) and then Peace a Pizza and then Haverford College. It was a lot of fun. I like small trips. People are actually nice on them. Oh, NO PATTY! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was the best part off the day! Woohoo! Oh, we got report cards too. I did amazingly well for not caring. All 'A's and a C+ in Art History. Not bad. I actually managed an A- in Math and a "consistantly well prepared" when I didn't turn in either homework he collected. That should be a 0/40 and something that doesn't imply that I do my homework. Oh well, I'll take credit when not due. Maybe I got the credit for the work the other Sarah did. lol. I don't care! I love underserved credit. Bwahaha! Then I came home and wasted my time. Watched America's Most Talented Kid (yes, this is the low point) and they all lacked so much talent. Bad week. Then ED!!!!!! HE CHOSE CAROL! THANK GOD! I LOVE ED! AHHHHHHH!!!! I WILL NOT FREAK OUT! THAT WAS SO DAMN GOOD! YAY ED!

Saturday. Hmmm. Woke up real early and headed out to Arcadia. Had breakfast and got recognized for my scholarship. Got my Arcadia sweatshirt. FINALLY. I still wanna go to Villanova, but I know it won't happen. Saw a dorm. Listened to talking. Went to the Communications department and the head of it is so awesome. I love that guy. Thick indian accent and very cool. I really liked that guy. Then he did a mock course on Watching Films and it was very interesting. So we analyzed Fatal Attraction and saw clips and such. Then we went to the talk on studying abroad and the freshman preview. For $245 next year I can go to either London or SCOTLAND for 7 days. How cool is that? I soooooooooo want to go to Scotland! Sounds like so much fun! AHHHHH!!!! So cheap too! Then we ate lunch, went to the activities fair (EQUESTRIAN TEAM) and came home.

EMPIRE MAKER won the Wood, Peace Rules won the Bluegrass, a long shot ran away with the Arkansas Derby, and ROOOOO (aka Congaree) left the field in the dust winning his race. I love Roo! Baffert commented on War Emblem's "problems" and "lack of interest" in the breeding shed and mares and said something like "he's a mean horse so maybe he likes rough sex." LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. No wonder Baffert is Baffass.

Anyway, I spent hours installing the writable cd drive. It works but no sound. Grrr... I needa figure out what's wrong. Anyone know how to get the computer to have sound from stuff from that drive?

So that brings me to today. Did nothing yet again and even less. Watched TV and skating and such. Twas fun. Commontators amuse the hell out of me.

Yeah so my life consists of nothing interesting.

Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park

(When this began)

I had nothing to say

And I get lost in the nothingness inside of me

(I was confused)

And I let it all out to find

That I�m not the only person with these things in mind

(Inside of me)

But all that they can see the words revealed

Is the only real thing that I�ve got left to feel

(Nothing to lose)

Just stuck, hollow and alone

And the fault is my own, and the fault is my own


I wanna heal, I wanna feel what I thought was never real

I wanna let go of the pain I�ve felt so long

(Erase all the pain till it�s gone)

I wanna heal, I wanna feel like I�m close to something real

I wanna find something I�ve wanted all along

Somewhere I belong

And I�ve got nothing to say

I can�t believe I didn�t fall right down on my face

(I was confused)

Looking everywhere only to find

That it�s not the way I had imagined it all in my mind

(So what am I)

What do I have but negativity

�Cause I can�t justify the way, everyone is looking at me

(Nothing to lose)

Nothing to gain, hollow and alone

And the fault is my own, and the fault is my own


I will never know myself until I do this on my own

And I will never feel anything else until my wounds are healed

I will never be anything till I break away from me

I will break away, I'll find myself today


I wanna heal, I wanna feel like I�m somewhere I belong

I wanna heal, I wanna feel like I�m somewhere I belong

Somewhere I belong

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