2004-02-06 : 2:51 p.m.
I'm going after NBC if they kill Jimmy...

Current Song: "Solitude" Evanescence
Current Rant: The god awful rain
Current Obsession: Italian Wedding Soup

Okay! I am bored out of my mind again so where do I go, here! I am really starting to lose it, I'm telling you. I am LOSING it. My mind. It's finished. Done. Over. No more. Understand?

Iy. New word. Instead of oy, it's now iy to me cause I am an idiot. But ya'll knew that already anyway :)The pouring rain is insane. I have close to an hour to waste before I venture out into the storm for a little know place I rarely go where horses dwell by the name of Greylyn. Hey, it not bad, only my 3rd time this week so I can deal. Well, I can deal with Greylyn, I can't deal with the weather.

I have a feeling that come 11pm this evening, I will be having a nervous breakdown. Isn't that nice to know. Last night while watching ER (which I'll address later), I viewed a severely disturbing commercial for Third Watch. I hear a "will you marry me?" and then I see a fire and then I hear something about someone won't be making it out. They zoom in on Jimmy and then Kim and I start to cry. I know that Eddie Cibrian is leaving, but WTF? They cannot kill Jimmy! Hell, I don't think Kim will survive if they kill Jimmy. They killed Bobby and she attempted suicide, the killed the next guy she fell for and she ran to Jimmy, plus there was also Alex's death... Jimmy is her first love as well as her current and he's finally turned into the guy we always dreamed he would be. They cannot kill him!!!! If they do, I'll freak out. Hell, I can't deal with them killing him! Here's the preview: http://www.thirdwatchquotes.net/nbc_sleepingdogsliepromo.mov

I will freak out if they kill him. And, being the last Ed ever tonight, I'll be emotionally unstable tonight. That is, if I make it back from Greylyn...

I'm gonna cry! I'm gonna cry! I'm gonna cry!

Ok, ER last night. I cannot stand Carter's woman, she is DRIVING ME CRAZY (as is his facial hair...)!!!! Gaaahhh! That said, the edited out of that 80 year old woman's breast was just wrong. Thanks Janet and Justin... Ugh. The two are NOT the same. It complelely sucks I tell you. I must admit the dedication to Romano was the most hilarious thing I have seen in such a friggin long time. That said, Romano get's no respect, not even in death. Now THAT just sucks. The Luka-Sam seens tonight were far too cute! Awwww. The subway! ::sigh:: Abby cracked me up on the whole dr vs nurse thing.

On another note, Friends left me severely traumatized last night. Too funny and too freaky. And, I get to watch it again on Tuesday! haha. What can I say, Ross and Monica... hahahaahahahaha!!!!

WTF does it have to be raining like this. It's fucking pouring out there and it's flooding and fuck, I don't want to deal with it! ugh. That said, in the words of Eunice, I don't always get what I want. Thanks for those god awful words Eunice.

Despite the title, I have regrets. I can't forget them either. Some crap is really bothering me right now. Ugh. I can't always deal with it either. I miss you guys and I want to go to California NOW. I don't want to wait! Don't make me!!! But alas, I must wait. Grrrr. That just sucks too. Blech.

I actually don't have a clue when to leave for Greylyn. I need to get 2 horses tacked up for 5pm (since Allison has not called back to contradict that) (the two being Huggy and I guess I'll use Fergie. So I guess I should get there by 4:30. Which means I guess I should just leave now (need to pack my car up) so if I'm early I'll just drive around or something. ugh. I hate the rain damnit!

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