2002-08-25 : 3:13 p.m.
Dum de dum dum dum...

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The Pacific Classic is today. I was excited yesterday after the Travers, but today I couldn't care less. Oy vey.

Medaglia D'Oro won the Travers in the slop. He was the only horse to come out un muddy. Being on or near the lead for most of the race can to that for you I guess. He cut up his legs a bit but should be fine. Go Medaglia! He's such a pretty boy. Yet I was more impressed my Repent. He's been out since April cause of bone chip surgery and other stuff and he came back to be a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY close second. 1/2 length behind Medaglia and in another stride or two I think he would have passed Med. Go Repent! McPeek was right in his whole "Repent's ready to run" and not in the PA Derby. Though if I had a say, I would have ran Repent as well as Medaglia and War and Came Home in the PA Derby on Labor Day. Forget the fact that it's only a grade three while the others are grade ones. Forget that the purse is only $500,000 compared to 1,000,000, forget it all. The PA Derby is at Philly Park and Sarah can get there so therefore it is a good idea!

Actually, the PA Derby should still be an awesome race. Harlan's Holiday should be there, as should my baby Magic Weisner (The Magic Horsie), and dum de dum dum dum! Essence of Dubai! The UAE people are coming to Philly! Wahoo!!!! Good race! There are also a bunch of other nominees and many are good, but who the hell cares about them? Anyone want to come with me? I will provide transportation. Please? It's on Labor Day. Also, anyone want to come to the Claiming Crown next Saturday? My mom says she'll drop me off but doesn't want me to go alone! I'll give you a ride! Please? Somebody come to one of them with me!

Next thing next. Some individuals write really strange entries ::cough::Ohnmar::cough:: with hidden messages locked inside them so that the rest of the world can't comprehend! Oy vey! I no splel toyda! Wahooo!!!

ACK! Pacific Classic in in less than 1 hour 45 minutes! Well, at least the coverage is then! Wooohooo! I'm excited again! Go Came Home! Prove all the friginly stupid doubters wrong! Teach Baffass a lesson! I wonder if Boopsie will be there? Probably. After all she is married to Baffass and she is the one who ACTUALLY trains the horses while Baffass stands around thinking he is Ralph Lauren with sunglass to cover his friginly ugly eyes. Well Baffass, er, Baffert and Boopsie, er, Jill Moss should be there hopefully to see the dirt from Came Home's feet fly into War's eyes. I know that was mean. War is an awesome horse but he has a real ass for a trainer in Baffert. That's why I'll let War come in second or third behind my baby Came Home. Go Came Home!!! PROVE THE WORLD WRONG!!! Baffert, Baffert, Baffert...

On the backside of the racetrack

Comes the great trainer with the knack

To turn a thoroughbred claimer

Into a Triple Crown aimer.

The sun has yet to wake the day

To shine on hair of white and grey.

Dark glasses perched upon his nose,

Assistants falling at his toes

Which are encased in cowboy boots

Handcrafted, they belie his roots.

From poverty to superstar

Cameras flashing near and far.

A cell phone to his ear is glued

While words of self-pride are imbued.

Ralph Lauren makes the jeans he wears

And yet he has time for the mares?

When horses win who takes the bow

As cheers erupt and here is now

The hero of the racing fan.

Is it the horse? Is it the man?

It's Seth's birthday today, not that I called him. Oh well.

"Well, this is not for real, afraid to feel... I'm wasting my time, wasting my time.."

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