2004-02-05 : 12:52 p.m.
And the posting obsession continues!

Current Song: "Full of Grace" Sarah McLachlan
Current Rant: The fact that I'm so tired!
Current Obsession: Deviant Art

Ok, so I think I've finished my semi new template. Still basically the same thing (well, the new picture and new size I added a day or so ago), but a couple new things.

Have I mentioned in here that I love Deviant Art? New obsession. Come visit my page http://pompeiii.deviantart.com

So speech class wasn't as sucky as I though it would be, though I can't say that that's saying too much. We got out early which made my day, but... er.

I still need to go eat lunch, but I'm too lazy. I'm actually starting to get hungry since I haven't actually eaten since somepoint yesterday, but I think I'll wait a little longer. Maybe 1:30ish?

I am getting so obsessed with this thing again. I actually now feel like one of the few Diarylanders left with all the people converting to Xanga. So, just to be different, I'm staying here. Though I did make an account so I could comment on people's xangas. Haha. I really need to make a comment thing here though. One day. One day. Today? Maybe. Likely, no.

I'm strangely enough having a very good day today! Yay fer me! woohoo!

As for my cultural autobiography I am stuggling to complete, the first half is so brutely honest it isn't funny and the second half is a complete lie. Go figure that one out. I certainitly can't considering the first part is usually where I lie and the second part where I tell the truth. I make no sense somedays I tell you... ugh.

It's another mild day, again whatever that means. I tell you, it hits 40 now and I'm out in just a sweatshirt. It's crazy, crazy I tell you.

You know, I'm getting really distracted here... BUT, it's FRIDAY tomorrow! Woohoo! Of course because I'm an idiot, I'm working, but I get to ride so that's good! Just based on my track record, I don't want to ride Rickey for awhile. I'll get Forsooth or Monet. Gaaaah

ER and Friends tonight! Yay!

In other strange news, my mom has decided she's not sure she likes Kerry. Why? His hair. Leave my mother to judge presidential candidates on their hair... ahhhh. But, she did say being a northern liberal was a plus and teamed with Edwards, she'd vote for him so... BUT he needs to change his hair.

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