2002-11-26 : 8:33 p.m.
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Tarzan Cry runs on Thanksgiving! Woohoo! Hopefully people don't mind me turning on Phonebet TV to see him run. Go Tarzan! I'd post a picture but the host I use won't let me as "too many people are using the server now and it's temporarily restricted to paying customers" grr. Go Tarzan anyway.

8th Race - Churchill Downs - Thursday, November 28th, 2002 Optional Claiming. 1 Mile Turf. Purse $48,400. (INCLUDES $9,400 KTDF) FOR THREE YEAR OLDS AND UPWARD WHICH HAVE NOT WON EITHER $7,990 THREE TIMES OTHER THAN MAIDEN, CLAIMING, OR STARTER OR WHICH HAVE NOT WON FOUR RACES OR CLAIMING PRICE OF $62,500. Three Year Olds 120 lbs.; Older 123 lbs. Non-winnersof two races at a mile or over since September 15 allowed, 2 lbs. Two such races since July 15, 4 lbs. Such a race since July 15, 6 lbs. CLAIMING PRICE $62,500 (Races for $50,000 or less not considered). (02:51 PM) (10)

Wager Types: Exacta & Trifecta Pick 3 (RACES 8,9,10)

# Horse Odds Jockey Wgt A/S M/E Trainer

1 Tarzan Cry (IRE) (IRE) Pat Day 117 4 C L W. Elliott Walden

2 Bright Sea (KY) Lonnie Meche 114 3 C L Morris G. Nicks

3 Slough Creek (KY) Marlon St. Julien 117 4 G L Murray W. Johnson

4 Runaway Choice (FL) Jon Kenton Court 114 3 C L Ronny W. Werner

5 Associate (ON) Eddie Zuniga 117 7 H L Robert D. Irwin

6 Cat Scan (KY) Robby Albarado 117 6 H L D. Wayne Lukas

7 Buffalo Bob (KY) Shane J. Sellers 117 5 H L Michael Mareina

8 Rahy's Secret (KY) Calvin H. Borel 117 4 C L Thomas M. Amoss

9 Kalimas (GER) (GER) Joseph Deegan 117 5 H L Niall M. O'Callaghan

10 Fast City (KY) Donnie J. Meche 117 4 C L Steven M. Asmussen

11 Fiscally Speaking (KY) Justin J. Vitek 111 3 C L Carl A. Nafzger

12 Honor In War (KY) Daniel Coa 116 3 C L Paul J. McGee

13 Hit The Hardwood (KY) John McKee 112 5 H L Craig T. Holstein

14 Bail Out The King (KY) Pat Day 117 4 G L Dale L. Romans

Owners: 1 - Rio Aventura Stables, Mansell Stables and Kelly, Jon; 2 - James C. Spence; 3 - Stonecrest Farm; 4 - Tom R. Durant; 5 - James W. Orr, Jr.; 6 - Overbrook Farm and Eaglestone Farm; 7 - Kuehne Racing; 8 - Keith Plaisance; 9 - Tanja Sproede; 10 - Steven M. Asmussen; 11 - Janis R. Whitham; 12 - 3rd Turn Stables; 13 - Pogue, Robert D. and Holstein, Craig T.; 14 - Ramsey, Kenneth L. and Sarah K.

Breeders: 1 - F. Hinojosa; 2 - James C. Spence; 3 - Dr. William A. Reed & Stonecrest Farm; 4 - Donald R. Dizney; 5 - Mark Goodlet; 6 - Eaglestone Farm Inc. & Overbrook Farm; 7 - Donald S. & R. Mary Zuckerman, asTenants by the Entireties; 8 - Jaime S. Carrion, Trustee; 9 - Mrs. R Grunewald; 10 - Mrs. Henry D. Paxson; 11 - Janis R. Whitham; 12 - Mill Ridge Farm Ltd. & W Lazy T., Ltd.; 13 - Mill Ridge Farm, Ltd.; 14 - Kenneth L. Ramsey & Sarah K. Ramsey

Yeah so we're off! Today was the first day of Thanksgiving vacation. I wish we had monday off so I'd have a whole week, but I can't complain. 4 days is better that 2. See thanksgiving breaks are the one positive part about Radnor. You have to deal with the loads of self-centered, spoiled, rich idiots that come out of Radnor, but we do get good thanksgiving breaks. I haven't actually done anything today though. I tried to sleep but it didn't work as my internal alarm went off thus waking me up at 7:12 (hey, I'd have been late if there was school). So I stayed in bed and watched two episodes of "Saved by the Bell" and while it is really stupid and I've likely seen every episode, man do I miss it. Hell, I even miss the new class. Eeek! Then I came down stairs and watched the All My Children episode that I had watch 3/4th of 2 before on soapnet and FINALLY saw the last 1/4th. That being said, I don't think it was worth it. The rest of the day was pretty much spent watching TV and online and playing snood. What would I do without snood? I don't think I could live. I am obsessed with it again.

I get a letter from Del Val and I needa beg Barb to write me a letter of reference for the equine studies program, though I highly doubt I'll get in to the equine program as I have limited experience. Getting into the school shouldn't be too big of a problem. Or so I hope.

I also brought in a whole hell of a lot of wood and left it in the garage...incase it snows. Though my mom needs it moved so tomorrow morning we'll put it on the deck and cover it so it can survive out there.

Seth didn't come home... Emily wasn't getting down to Rochester till today so they're coming down tomorrow instead. Can't say I'm all that upset. lol.

I'm still sick and my face is bright red. I need to be better tomorrow so I can ride. Maybe mom will come with me. I'm going to beg. I need to go anyway so I can beg Barb to write me a letter. If she says no, I am SO dead.

I have to get my UDel app finished ASAP. It's due the 1st and while I can get my part in, getting the recommendations in will take more time. Oh well, they can deal. Well, they HAVE to deal.

I am thinking I may just major in communications wherever and then try and get a job with horses while in school so that I'll have experience in the real world of horses. I want to write and I think I'd be better off as a communications major that in the equine studies program. I'd be best off at UofA. Oh well... I don't think I want to go that far. I happen to like my life here and don't want to go there. Plus I like snow. Yes, I am insane, but oh well.

It doesn't feel like Thanksgiving. Honestly, I am shocked that it is this week and then that Christmas is so soon after. It feels like a lifetime away. Scary, but true. I am so "in the moment" right now. I think it's because I don't want to deal with the future and all those worries and rather just deal with how I am going to spend my time off. It may not be the best out look, but who the hell cares? I am scared out of my mind that I am going to be a failure in whatever it is that I do so I'm better off not thinking about it. There you go.

I should be watching Fraiser when it comes on but I think I'm too lazy to get out of this chair and go to the family room and watch. Oh well. Maybe once I am finished. I still have half a Judging Amy to watch before 10pm and I doubt that will get done. Maybe it's a rerun? I should probably check. Then again, there is the laziness factor. Caggy and Bo want to come in but last time I went to let them in, the had already left and refused to come back to the door. Oy vey. I am SO lazy.

B Flat Major won today. Good race too (not that I saw it). Won by a decent margin. Go B Flat! (I think we should rename the B#s or maybe the B Notes the B Flats. It would be so much better!) Nobody else did all that well. Sofa did horribly. Oh well. Poor Sofa. Keats came in dead last. That made me sad. Poor Keats. I sound like such a little kid right now. Oh well... Who cares? Now the question is, how many times have I said the phrase 'oh well'? Who knows? Who cares? Oh well...

Oh well... I don't feel like watching Fraiser. Maybe I'll catch (or at the least, tape) Judging Amy. I really should get off this computer. Oh well.

See! I'm doing it again! This oh well crap. I can't stop say 'oh well'! Oh well... AHHHHHH!!!!!!

I guess that's all as I don't have a clue what else to write about. Maybe tomorrow. I have gotten so lazy lately with this thing. I just stop writing. Oh well, who cares?

"...Did he ask if I would come along?..."

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