2004-02-18 : 11:03 p.m.
I got burned again

Current Song: nikki cursing about something
Current Rant: sinks in dilworth
Current Obsession: white oleander

Just a quick update.

I have a hell of a lot of things to say mostly about riding, Greylyn, Euro, and other stuff, but I'm tired and want to get in bed and read for a while so that'll all come either tomorrow morning or tomorrow night. I need to run right home after public speaking to pick up my camera and arcadia equestrian team jacket for the show.

I mentioned before that I get burned in the sink a lot because of the old piping here, but I got scorched the worst ever just now. It hurts so bad and my hand is swollen from the boiling water and then the ice cold I ran on it. It still kills. Ugh. I hate those sinks!!!!

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