2005-02-15 : 10:02 a.m.
knife to the skull

Current Song: "Quand tu danses" Jean-Jaque Goldman
Current Rant: my head is still killing me.
Current Obsession: 800 mg ibprofen even though they don't do a damn thing.

.[. The Basics .].

Name: Sarah
Age: 19
Grade(if your not in school or college skip this): College sophomore.
Birthday: March 26
Location: Glenside, PA
Hair color: Brown.
Hair texture: straight and smooth (though it is currently curly and unmanageable because I let it dry in a messy bun while i slept)
Eye color: blue
Skin color: Peach
Height: 5'3"
Picture? (if yes please link to it) http://flyingmanes.com/avatars/teampiccropped.jpg
Shoe size?: 6.5-7, depending upon width.

.[. About You.].

Favorite color: Green
Second favorite color: Blue
Favorite movie: Life as a house
Second favorite movie: uh... lots?
Favorite book: Bel Canto, Horse Heaven
Favorite past time: tv
Favorite animal: Horse
Favorite type of music: alternative
Favorite number: 10
Favorite letter: S?
Favorite Pair of shoes: no clue
Favorite type of footwear: sneakers
Favorite TV show? The West Wing, Alias
Favorite cartoon? None. I hate cartoons. always have, always will. Yes, I'm odd.
Glasses? no
If yes, when do you wear them? n/a
Where were you born? Philadelphia, PA: Pennsylvania Hospital
What time? 10:30pm
What was your first word? Mama
What was your first language? English
What is the primary language spoken in your home? English
What is your ethnicity? Lithuanian (with a mix of irish, english, scottish)
Have you ever broken any bones? ::know on wood::
If so how many, which ones, and when? ::knock on wood::
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope
Have you ever kissed anyone? yeah
Do you have any... erm �special friends� ? excuse me?
What attracts you to a boy/girl? face
Ever done anything �illegal�? yes
If so, would you like to share?: speeding

.[. Family .].

Who do you live with?: well, at home at my mother's, but school with roommates katie, erin, grace, kalyn, and lauren
Siblings? if yes how old? names?: seth, 22
Do you have any pets? If so please state: Dogs: Toby, Cagney, Lexus. Birds: Juliet, Emma. Rabbit: Cleo.
How long have you live in your current home? 2 years
How many times have you moved in your life? 1x
What percentage of the time do you �hate� your parents? as often as i don't. so 1/2 the time?
How often do you get along with your parents? whenever i'm not hating...

.[. If� .].

If you suddenly fell into a whole right now, what would you do? um, scream?
If you suddenly went blind tomorrow, how would you feel? shitty.
If you lost your hearing, how would you react? well, i'd probably freak out.
If the world was blown up to bits and you had to choose one other person to re populate the world with, who would you choose? the love of my life whom i have yet to meet.
If you had three wishes, what would they be? meeting love of life, money (ie for the horse), my headache to GO AWAY and STAY AWAY.
If you could have any super power, what would it be? I'd read people's minds
If you were walking along the road and you saw a box on the floor that looked exactly like that DVD you wanted and it looked brand new, what would you do? pick it up?
If you got once chance to be yourself only as the opposite sex for one day, would you? sure

.[. Random questions .].

What color is your tooth brush?: purple
What color are your socks?: currently not wearing socks
How long/short is your hair? sorta long
Do you have a cell phone? yes
What color are your walls? at school, white. at home, off white
How far away from the bathroom are you? accross the hall
What was the last thing you said out loud? �bye"
Who was the last person you talked to online? Lauren down the hall
In person? roommate lauren.
How would you react to a giant monkey running by your window? i'd realize i should go back to sleep.
What if the monkey broke your window and kissed you? i'd realize i really need sleep.
Did you enjoy this rather long random survey? no.


so my head is still killing me. We are going on day... 9! Ain't ya proud? So yesterday I went to health services and they gave me prescription strength ibprofen (800mg) and told me to take those and come back in a couple of days if they don't work. They've yet to work. Grr. They are however, bigger than centrum vitamins and i swallowed them!

I'm telling you though, my head is killing me. It's a migraine, but a damn painful one. I woke up at 4 am yesterday crying the pain was so bad and then I started crying at the barn last night around 6 because it got so bad. The horses didn't notice though. It was pouring down rain yesterday and that sucked. I think I got a cold from it. I have a sore throat now and a clogged up nose. Nice, eh? That's what I get for walking around soaking wet for hours. Great. Grr.

Yesterday was valentine's day and of course, I was all alone. I got cards from my mom, erin, and lauren and then chocolates from ba rb but other than that... damn single life.

I decided i'm just going to take today off and rest. I might go to broadway musicals just because I shouldn't miss the movie, but that is really it. I already missed id science because it didn't seem worth it to get up with my head killing me and islam is at 12 so i doubt i'll go to that either. there is broadway at 2 and we'll see, and then my 7pm lit class was cancelled so yay! I'll just lie in bed, watch tv, and sleep all day. I just wish my head wasn't killing me so much. :( when it's not bad, it's just deep ache, but then it starts throbbing in places, like someone is stabbing a knife through my skull. ugh. it makes me just want to curl up and die i feel so sick. :(

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