2002-08-09 : 7:51 p.m.
Pointless. Pointless. Pointless.

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Ya dee da.

Friday. Great. You know, I really don't care in the summer what day it is. They're all weekends to me and I actually enjoy summer weekdays more than weekends.

Today's been pointless as usual. What did I do? Woke up, fed Gravdahl's cats (I better for the $50 they're paying me for 3 feedings), came home and watched Port Crazy...err...Port Charles. Frank is the avatar/shadow man. What a shock. Really. I did not see that coming. Idiots at PC, you have to make sure that more than one person does not have contact with the avatar so that there is a little more suspence. Then I watched AMC but got bored. They guy that plays Trey is hot though. Went to the bank with my mom to take all the money out of my old account at Sovereign (from way back when --- used to be Main Line Bank) but after not touching it for 7 years I only earned less than 200 bucks. Went home. I'm getting a checking account and a mac card on Monday! Woohoo!!! Watched the end of GH just in time to see Laura and Rick in the attic. Someone died. I'll miss Genie Francis. Nancy Lee Grahn was frigginly awesome yesterday. If she doesn't win an emmy, I'll go out to NY and hurt somone, well at least I'll scream... If she's not nominated, I'll boycott.

Mom's away at Glenn's so I'm all alone for the weekend again.

Right now I'm "watching" the men's gymnastic national championships. Hopefully there aren't as many people carried off as in the women's prelims last night. BTW, "watching" is actually reading live text.

Nothing to say. Nothing to say.

This is so pointless, but at least I'm writing!

"And I'd give up forever to touch you 'cause I know that you feel me somehow. Your the closest to heaven that I'll ever be and I don't want to go home right now."

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