2005-01-28 : 11:53 a.m.
Gov race?

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I really haven't written in a while and honestly I'm not really sure why. (side note, my L key isn't working very well. i don't know what to do! i need to clean my keyboard, but how do I do that? i haven't a clue why, but it's really starting to annoy me. I have having to keep rehitting the "l" key.)

Ok, so the new semester has begun. I dropped a class so far so i'm only doing 16 credits. I really don't care. I don't want to finish this sentence? I really have no clue what I was going to say during that last sentence. I'm taking ID102, interpreting lit 2, broadway musicals, and understanding islam. Interpreting lit is interesting. only 5 of us which makes for an oddly small class. Ah well, I like it.

What else? It is amazing that I have managed once again lose my train of thought.

So what? I'm alive thus far which is good. My classes are decent enough, which is good. Everything seems to be "good" and honestly I'd verture to say that they are even good. So there. We'll see how long all of this lasts.

I am sick of snow though. Make it all go away.

I decided that before I die, I want to work on a campaign. I know it'll basically take over my life, but I want to work on a campaign. As a result of The West Wing, I think I have become a politics junkie. Ain't ya'll proud?? ;) But campaign. I don't care if it is national or more local, though I'd love at the very least to work on a PA Gov's race. Hell, I'd like to some how work on Rendell's 2006 Gov re-election campaign. So there. That's all my new goal.

Tis all I believe. I have nothing to say. nada. Zip. Other than UPDATE YOUR BLOG EUN!!!!

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